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Valentine Shmalentine

Just about a year ago, a young woman curled up on her couch with her fourth glass of wine, hair tied up in a messy bun, some sort of green stain on an old sweatshirt, and half way through a block of Vermont sharp cheddar cheese. Her face was streaked with tears as Gerard Butler rested his perfect, god-like face on Hilary Swank’s shoulder in P.S I Love You. What an enchanting sight. Low and behold this young ...

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How It All Began

The first time I heard about Alternative Spring Break (ASB), I was sitting in my SU101 class listening to the guest speakers tell us about the extracurricular opportunities at Suffolk. All I remember hearing about ASB was that it was a life-changing experience, and I figured that was what college was all about; experiences that you will remember forever. No matter how skeptical I was about the “life-changin ...

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The Secret Market

College students looking to eat right are at a clear disadvantage: healthy foods are found only in grocery stores and restaurants, both of which are overpriced and far from a quick trip out of the dorm. I am here to inform you that there is an alternative to trekking through Whole Foods attempting to buy on a budget while getting shoulder-checked away from $2 bananas. The answer: farmers markets. Boston has ...

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