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Must-Have Fitness Apps

How many hours out of the day are you away from your phone, computer or other portable devices? Are hours too large a time frame to consider? Perhaps minutes would be better? Most students often end up sleeping with their cell phones in order to use it as an alarm. It is time to put the capabilities of a smart phone to good use. There are several applications which can be found on the Android, Google Play a ...

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Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop

Remember that commercial where a pretty girl sits in a quaint cafe and some dreamy guy gets down on one knee, ring in hand, while that quiet yet charming song about falling in love at a coffee shop plays in the background?  So cliche, but SO GOOD. As a hopeless romantic, I immediately googled a detailed description of the commercial to find out who wrote such a beautiful song. After listening to Landon Pigg ...

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Bags of Tea and Coffee Beans

Consider this: your alarm clock just went off. You barely roll out of bed after the second alarm that you no doubt set because you knew you were not getting up for the first one. Eyes half open you make your way to the nearest breakfast beverage dispenser. What do you reach for? Coffee or tea? ...

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