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What to Expect in Fashion this Spring

We are almost three weeks into spring and the most standout styles are already on the streets. Keep your eyes open for these great, new styles out now. Stripes on bags, shoes, and blazers, they can be found on just about anything this season.  Tommy Hilfiger’s spring line offers striped dresses, cardigans, and even footwear in the brand’s blues and reds. Plus expect to find yellow, orange, and black stripes ...

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Sweet Nothings

As the weather heats up, we instinctively shed our layers for spring clothes, and bear our toes in any number of different sandal trends.  But this year, don’t forget what your Momma told you, it's what’s on the INSIDE that counts…or in this case, what’s underneath! This spring remember don’t forget what’s underneath it all and remember as your outer wardrobe adjusts to the new season your underpinnings sho ...

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Bathing Suit Styles to Make a Statement for Summer

Bathing suit shopping is making its way to the top of every girl's to do list as summer is coming quickly around the corner. A bathing suit can become a woman's a main outfit in the summertime when warm weather equals long days in the sun and carefree nights on the beach. As fun as shopping for a bathing suit can be, it can also be a very daunting task. Finding the perfect fit for your body shape as well as ...

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Caribbean Student Network Presents Falsetto

  The 24th annual fashion show produced by Suffolk University’s Caribbean Student Network took place on Saturday, March 23rd  at the C. Walsh Theater. It was a two and half hour show filled with music, dance, culture, and fashion. The students had the opportunity to show their talent in many different ways with the help of model volunteers. The social event theme this year was Falsetto and was presente ...

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A Signature Necklace to Top off Your Look

How can a girl stay on top of the latest trends without breaking the bank? Easy, a signature necklace is a stich item that every woman needs. Whether you are dressing for a busy day of classes, or getting ready for a tasteful night on the town, a chunky necklace can change the look of any outfit. The Chasca necklace, sold at Anthropologie for 58 dollars, is a chunky piece consisting of different blue and gr ...

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Milan Fashion Week Gives Lessons in Simplicity and Opulence

At this year’s Milan Fashion Week, designers sent collections down the runway with superb artistic manipulation of shape and line, and an acute taste level in regard to patterns, colors and textures, that Michelangelo himself would applaud. Designers utilized clean lines and lavish fabrics to turn their works of art into wearable masterpieces, never for a moment sacrificing drama, romanticism or strength, a ...

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If I Were a Boy

Menswear is so distinguished, but women’s wear is just divine. This year's New York Fashion Week shows boasted a cornucopia of options for androgynies, as runways were flooded with looks mixing sexy leather with ladylike lace, and man-tailored wool with glamour-girl sequins. Designers certainly sent a fair share of ethereal dresses down the runway.  Even Marchesa, notorious for their red carpet looks, was s ...

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Best Dressed at the 2013 Grammys

At the 2013 Grammys, celebrities graced us with their presence and brought us some sunshine from all the snow that’s been surrounding us.   Within all the excitement, we were all looking at what everyone was wearing. There was an abundance of red, black, and cut out evening gowns that caressed the red carpet and a few outfit surprises that were sore to the eye. Among the best dressed was Natasha Beding ...

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Keep Those Hemlines Below Your Fingertips

In this year’s red carpet Grammy Awards on E! the newly minted dress code policy came up every time a starlet approached one of the network’s trusted emcee’s in a less than conservative ensemble. The conversation about the dress code was continuous as CBS implemented new guidelines for attendees to address a preventative measure to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. An email distributed to Grammy invitees warned ...

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