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Superbowl Sunday Recipes

What would the Super Bowl Sunday be without the traditional favorites? I am not talking about the football teams, because we all know that the Super Bowl is not only about the game. For those who are trying to eat clean this new year, I have picked (and even came up) with some great recipes that are very easy to prepare and super healthy. I know how anxious you can get while watching the game, so I am going ...

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Safety in the City

Living in the city can be a drastic change for people who are from rural towns, where walking around at night is not as intimidating. In the city, many people work late at night and have to walk back to their homes. When walking home you may pass through a park, an dark alleyway or find yourself on a dark lit street. These atmospheres cast shadows where predators wait for unsuspecting victims. Not everyone ...

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Hollywood’s ‘B’ Word

Not Beyoncé. Beauty. In the midst of awards show fashion and big-time movie premieres, the obsession with what exactly defines beauty has become even more of a hot topic in Hollywood in 2014. From Photoshop controversies to something as simple as women getting short haircuts, it’s nothing new that celebrities influence young men and women all over the globe. But it has gone to an extreme: the healthy body a ...

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