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As church celebrates Easter, Pope Francis enacts radical changes

It turns out the opinions of non-Catholics actually do matter in relation to the church they don’t belong to. After Pope Benedict’s startling resignation, there were clamors from all corners of the internet that the new pope would change church teachings. It has been clear that sacred doctrines and dogmas of the church have simply been made up and are not divinely inspired, so therefore the pope has always ...

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Suffolk loses Oprah bid for commencement, chooses Derne St. Deli owners instead

After Harvard University snagged Oprah as their commencement speaker, Suffolk scrambled to find other options -- but they didn't have to look very far. In fact, Suffolk's Board of Trustees didn't even leave their office when it came to the decision, since it was lunchtime, they just pointed out the window at the first restaurant they saw. "We looked outside and could see someone carrying six boxes of pizza ...

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Suffolk University Athletics Adding New Teams, Activities

Are you sick and tired of the lack of sports teams at Suffolk? After years of sports-less suffering it seems as though Suffolk University might finally have found their salvation. That’s right, Suffolk’s getting a football team! The moment you’ve been waiting for is here. No longer will you receive glares of disdain from fellow collegiate friends and family, no longer will you wonder what exactly it feels l ...

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