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Director Sam Raimi discusses ‘Oz’

After directing the cult-classic horror movie The Evil Dead and producing dozens of other successful films, Sam Raimi went on to direct the now-famous Spiderman Trilogy. It was this success that lead him to direct Disney's upcoming movie Oz the Great and Powerful. Last month, Raimi took part in a phone interview with several student presses across the country. Suffolk University was one of them. ...

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Return of Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails is back and has plans to start touring this summer followed with arena tours this fall. According to, front man and founder Trent Reznor released a statement saying, “The band is reinventing itself from scratch.” This would be their first tour since 2009. ...

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The Festivals Are Calling

Stereotype: broke college student. Mission: spend our money on what we love, while we can still make the statement, “I’m a broke college student!” What better way to do that than by attending music festivals? Though they may be expensive at first glance, you are saving money by seeing a bunch of artists that you love in one place. Before you make the trek to a festival, make sure you know all of the details ...

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Video Games

This week on GIRLS we took a train upstate to peer into the family life Jessa seems so far removed from.   After receiving a text message with a string of letters from her father, which Hannah notes was most likely ‘a butt text’, Jessa sees it as a sign, and makes plans to visit her father and his girlfriend Petula.   The bucolic episode begins as Hannah and Jessa sit lakeside, awaiting Jessa’s fa ...

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The episode opens with Hannah having lunch with a 30-something man at a chic restaurant.  After small talk he delivers the surprise that he wants her to write an eBook.  Her excitement is stunted at the reveal that it is due to her potential publisher, in a month.  She returns home to begin writing, spitting out a few disjointed false starts on her stickered MacBook, only to be startled by a crashing sound. ...

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