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Pats Looking Ahead after an Offense Only Win

Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Brady has done it yet again. After a rough season opener, Brady has now won AFC offensive player of the week twice in the last two weeks. He is also breaking records such as a six game winning streak when the Pats score a touchdown in the final minute, among many others. But this isn’t just about Brady.   This is about how the Patriots looked in general against the Texans. We ...

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Celtics’ First Round Woes Continue

The Celtics are only the second team in NBA history to be the #1 seed and go down 0-2 against an #8 seed in playoffs. With this, Celtics’ Head Coach Brad Stevens is now 2-10 in playoffs. These two stats emphasize how much the Celtics are struggling in playoffs against the Chicago Bulls. Many people had high expectations about this playoff run (some people that I spoke to told me they are expecting Eastern C ...

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Patriots, Belichick Allergic to Slowing Down

The Patriots have been busy this offseason. Let’s take a quick look at what they have been doing and make some assessments of this.   Let’s start off on offense with the signing of former Colts Tight End Dwayne Allen. This past season Allen posted 406 yards and six touchdowns. Those are some pretty decent numbers to have, as the Pats were looking for someone to be equivalent to Martellus Bennett and be ...

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Peterson Might Not be the Ideal Blount Replacement

The Patriots are having a lot of players getting ready to leave for free agency. One of those players is power running back LeGarrette Blount. He has had a good career and is coming off a season high number of touchdowns (18). NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo said that there is an “expectation” that Blount will not return to the Patriots next year.   There is one particular veteran running back who has said ...

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Celtics in Desperate Need of Rebounders as Trade Deadline Approaches

A few days ago, a trade emerged that had power forward Serge Ibaka from the Orlando Magic going to the Toronto Raptors. The reason this was a big deal is because this is the second time this season the Celtics have been close to getting someone and then letting it slip through their fingers. The first was Kevin Durant over the summer and then after pulling all the stops, he went over to Golden State. Everyo ...

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Is Cassidy the Answer to the Bruin’s Woes?

The Boston Bruins fired nine year, Stanley Cup winning coach Claude Julien only a few hours before the Patriots Super Bowl victory parade through Boston. This promoted a lot of anger from fans and also a lot of confusion. When the front office management under Don Sweeney and Cam Neely fired Julien, the Bruins were 26-23-6.  It was clear that the Bruins needed a change to help the team get over the struggle ...

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Coach Julien in the Hot Seat?

Last week, the Bruins said they were planning on conducting “big changes, and possibly could inform the coaching staff” according to sources close to the Bruins. Many Bruins fans, myself included, wondered if this meant the writing was on the wall for Coach Julien. When asked about this, Julien said, “I’m not into shock journalism, so I’ll step away from the question if you don’t mind.” All of this came fro ...

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The Drive for Five is Alive

On Sunday night, the Patriots yet again became AFC Champions and are heading the Super Bowl for the ninth time in the franchise history, this being the seventh time under the Brady and Belichick duo. This means, without a doubt in anyone’s mind that this era of Brady and Belichick deserves to be called a football dynasty. This red hot Patriots team with the number one defense will face off against the Atlan ...

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Rams Get Iced at Home

On Tuesday the Rams hosted Southern New Hampshire University Penmen. SNHU is currently leading the Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) with a record of 9-3-0 after their victory over the Rams last night. The Rams seemed to struggle against this mighty team, ending the game with a 5-2 loss and hoping to make a change in the way they play.   There is no way to put it lightly, the first period was a strug ...

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Not a Win, Not a Loss, Not Enough

On Saturday, the Rams Men’s hockey team ended up tying Nicholas College who is one of the Rams Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) rivals. The Rams are 3-6-2, while Nicholas is 6-3-2. The biggest problem with the Rams is that they are falling apart in the division, currently 1-5-2 in the division, and with only eight divisional matchups left, it’s important for them to win more games in the division.   ...

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