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Arthur Newman Film Review

Dante Ariola’s new film, Arthur Newman is about a man who abandons his real name and life to acquire the identity of someone else. The film’s slogan, “If you don’t have a life, get someone else’s” is fitting for the main character and the young woman he becomes involved with throughout his journey of new self-discovery. ...

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Who Wears Short Shorts?

Let us talk beachwear gentlemen. If you are anything like me, you spend a sizable amount of time poolside or beach bumming your way through summer, and so proper beach attire is a must.  This summer skip the dumpy looking longer swim trunks that hit below the knee and swap them for a shorter, above the knee length for a more tailored, classy look. When shorts are too long or baggy they automatically look sl ...

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Celebrating Earth Day with Eco-friendly Fashion Brands

What better way to celebrate earth day than by remembering that there are many designers who have created their brands based on a love they have for the environment?  Sustainability runs deep in these brands as the designers use eco-friendly fabrics and approaches in creating their finished products.   Titania Inglis The line’s environmental impact is minimal.  Every garment is created in a small factory in ...

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Designer Clothes at Affordable Prices

In this economy everyone wants to look great on a small budget. Although upscale stores offer remarkable pieces, they price their clothing and accessories at costs that are not reasonable for the everyday Fashionista. It takes a “Maxxinista,” someone who “knows just what she wants,” to find outstanding designer clothes and accessories for affordable prices. Lucky for us in Boston, there is a T.J.Maxx and Ma ...

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Deconstructed Comforts for the Gentlemen

Gentlemen, this spring indulge yourselves with deconstructed comforts in lightweight cottons, linen and khaki. Here’s your guide for an effortless spring wardrobe that will feel as good on as it looks. On top, try a safari jacket, or deconstructed military style jacket in wrinkled linen.  In earth tones they coordinate well with denim and complimentary chinos or khakis. For an upscale look, reconsider the d ...

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A Little Hanky Panky Brand Everyday

The brand Hanky Panky was found in 1977 and has been manufactured in the U.S. ever since. With a slogan that boasts “The World’s Most Comfortable Thong” who could resist? Inspired by the 1970’s ‘hanky sets’ the brand was born when designer Gale Epstein made a custom made lingerie set for friend Lida Orzeck out of a handkerchief.  Ever since, Hanky Panky has been dedicated to providing the most comfortable a ...

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The Pins and Bars are Back

In Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 thriller ‘Rope’, Jimmy Stewart stars as a professor invited to a dinner party where two of his former students strangle and kill a fellow classmate then stuff him into a trunk and serve dinner off him. In this film, Jimmy, never one to look less than sublime, dons one quintessential accessory, the collar pin. The collar pin is a close relative of the equally chic collar bar.  Popu ...

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What to Expect in Fashion this Spring

We are almost three weeks into spring and the most standout styles are already on the streets. Keep your eyes open for these great, new styles out now. Stripes on bags, shoes, and blazers, they can be found on just about anything this season.  Tommy Hilfiger’s spring line offers striped dresses, cardigans, and even footwear in the brand’s blues and reds. Plus expect to find yellow, orange, and black stripes ...

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Sweet Nothings

As the weather heats up, we instinctively shed our layers for spring clothes, and bear our toes in any number of different sandal trends.  But this year, don’t forget what your Momma told you, it's what’s on the INSIDE that counts…or in this case, what’s underneath! This spring remember don’t forget what’s underneath it all and remember as your outer wardrobe adjusts to the new season your underpinnings sho ...

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Suffolk Swag

Suffolk students show their Suffolk spirit in many different ways. A variety of students express their feelings through fashion by wearing clothes from Suffolk University’s store, clubs, sports, and even from sororities and fraternities the school. These students know that it is important to support the university and the many activities it offers. Here are four students who proudly represent Suffolk Univer ...

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