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High Holidays Yield Stress for Students

Growing up in a predominately Jewish area, I never really felt out of place because, well, there were just so many Jews in my town. Everyone knew when all of the Jewish holidays were, about the traditions, and customary Jewish foods, even if they weren’t Jewish. Once I moved to Boston, however, things were very different. I know a total of three Jewish people in the city and unlike my high school experience ...

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New Campus, New Suffolk

The walk into sawyer this year feels exactly the same as it did freshman year: unfamiliar, exciting, and new. When I first chose to go to Suffolk, I liked that our campus was spread out around Boston. I didn’t, however, like that the gym was sub par, that the commute between classes could be a hike (think Ridgeway to 73), or that the university felt cold and uninviting. Fast forward three years and the vibe ...

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