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“Dumbo” Soars to New Heights in it’s Live Action Remake

The tale we all know and love about an adorable, floppy eared elephant who embraces what makes him different is back and better than ever. The live action Disney film, directed by the talented visionary, Tim Burton (“Alice In Wonderland,” “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory,” excels at uplifting and modernizing the classic story of, “Dumbo.”

**WARNING: Plot Line Spoilers Ahead**

The live action story starts with, The Medici Brothers Circus traveling via train throughout the Midwest on tour in 1912. Once successful circus owner, Max Medici (Danny DeVito) enlists the help from former circus star, Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his children Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe (Finely Hobbins) to help take care of a newborn elephant who becomes the laughing stock of an already struggling circus.

After the baby pachyderm made his debut in the Medici Brothers Circus in Missouri, the floppy eared elephant was made fun of by the crowd and his mother, Mrs. Jumbo lashed out and knocked over a circus tent pole that ends up killing a crew member. Mrs. Jumbo is then sold to an anonymous buyer and separated from her baby who was coined the name Dumbo from the circus incident.

After Mrs. Jumbos’ departure, Milly and Joe run tests with Dumbo and discover that feathers make him fly. Followed by an incredible comeback that winds up catching the attention of a very persuasive entrepreneur, V.A. Vendevere (Michael Keaton). Vandevere recruits Dumbo for the newest show at his entertainment attraction, Dreamland in act with aerial artist, Colette Marchant (Eva Green).

Dreamland is very similar to Tomorrowland, one venture in Walt Disney World’s, Magic Kingdom. With the futuristic, modern feel this amusement park definitely feels like it paid homage to Walt Disney’s vision of Tomorrowland.

After one show in Dreamland, Holt and his family find out that the attraction is holding some dark secrets, including Mrs. Jumbo as a part of one of their darker attractions. Holt’s family and Colette decide to break out Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo from the circus because they shouldn’t belong in captivity for the amusement of others.

Max Medici follows suit and re-opens his own circus without animals featuring Colette and Holt. This live action tale truly retransformed the classic Oscar winning tale of an elephant who’s different and expand upon it where differences are celebrated, family is cherished, and dreams really do take flight.

As a classic “Dumbo” movie lover, I immediately fell in love with this live action tale. Burton truly captures Dumbo’s joy, positivity and obvious cuteness of the adorable elephant. Burton also managed to make my adult self truly creeped out by the pink elephants once again. But if anyone was going to take on the challenge of re-doing this season, Burton would be the number one choice hands down.

A warning to all Dumbo lovers, if you thought you sobbed during the original “Baby of Mine” scene, prepare yourself to bring two boxes of tissues instead of one because this live action remake tugs on your heart strings more than once. But on a lighter note, they’re not just sad tears there’s many moments in the film that lift up your spirits.

The number one difference between the two films is that the remake advocates for the safety of animals, which is one of the main issues within the first film that was never addressed or touched upon.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this film and see the Dumbo we have all known and loved, evolve into a more immersive tale that sweeps you off your feet, literally.


“Dumbo” is officially in theaters nationwide now!




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