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Cecilia Gonzalez – Passion Driven

Cecilia Gonzalez – Passion Driven

Cecilia Gonzalez is not the type of person who will brag or boast about her views for the sole purpose of being right. Nor will she disregard the views of others even when she may be wrong.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Cecilia since we became friends, it’s that she’s willing to go that extra mile to be there for someone, to care about or promote an issue, or to propose a new idea.


Her passion for student government (and politics in general) is nothing new; she’s served in student government ever since middle school and increased her involvement during high school. This summer, she’ll be interning for a Massachusetts State Senator at the State House. She’s currently a Government major with a concentration in law and public policy; a dancer with the Suffolk University Dance Company (SUDC) and the W!CKED hip-hop crew; and a first year representative on the Honors Council.


Gonzalez lost her Fall 2018 Senate candidacy. Many freshmen decided to run, but she was among a handful who lost. That defeat really wasn’t a “defeat” for her. It didn’t deter her from finding other ways to get involved on behalf of the student body. After that fall’s election, she was asked to serve as a Member-At-Large in the Student Government Association. As she explained to me, she basically had the same powers as Senators but didn’t “have the ability to vote on bills,” resolutions, and other items.


She became a member of the SGA’s Diversity Committee, as well as the Awards Committee, crediting them both as influential to her and a pleasure to serve on. Gonzalez plans to remain a member on both in the upcoming school year.


In this year’s SGA elections, Gonzalez garnered 113 votes and took 1 of 9 available spots. She ran a campaign on inclusivity, greater student involvement in extracurricular activities, and a goal to make Suffolk a safe campus for everyone. Her campaign goals reflect what she hopes to accomplish and advocate for as a Senator.


Amidst her accomplishments, the road to get to where she is today wasn’t always a breeze. As a part of the LGBTQ community, Gonzalez has faced her fair share of hardships. I asked her what the LGBTQ community means to her and why it’s an important reason she chose to run for Senate:


“Being a part of the LGBTQ community definitely sparked my passion for social justice,

and I think it has also played a key role in why I chose to serve on the Diversity Committee this past year.”


Overall, she’s elated that Suffolk is a warm and accepting community:


“Suffolk has done a great job of creating an environment where diversity is accepted, but there is always room for more progress.”


Everyone is different, and that’s a great thing to celebrate. As a member of a community that often faces harassment on social media and in person, Gonzalez’s perspective is sorely needed in our school’s representative body. During a time of increased political hostility, it’s important to have different voices that bring different perspectives to the table. The Student Government Association and the Class of 2022 are lucky to have Cecilia Gonzalez at their table.

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