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“Isn’t it Romantic,” the Refreshingly New Romantic Comedy (Movie Review)

Isn’t It Romantic is the perfect feel-good rom-com we’ve been waiting for.

Starring Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra, Adam DeVine, and Liam Hemsworth Isn’t It Romantic is for everyone who has ever thought that love was stupid but still wanted their own Whitney Houston dance number.

Wilson absolutely shines as Natalie, a girl so disillusioned with love that she has comments for every romantic comedy ever. Wilson brings an air of duality to the film, focusing not on the flaws Natalie may have, but on the survival mode Natalie has been in for so long.

It takes one great actress to be able to sell the rawness of fighting back a mugger in a subway station and perform one of the greatest on-screen karaoke sequences of all time. But that’s not where Wilson’s talents end; the real magic of this movie is wrapped up in the determination Wilson’s Natalie has.

Natalie was taught from an early age that girls like her (read: anyone not Julia Roberts) never get the romance promised in the movies she adores. Due to this, her life as an adult is lacking the magic that the pretty girls always seem to get in a romantic comedy.

Working at an architecture firm, she’s asked to do the menial tasks and jobs of others because she doesn’t stand up for herself enough. The takeaway here being if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will respect you either.

After being hilariously mugged at her subway stop, Natalie wakes up in her very own romantic comedy where she is the star, albeit begrudgingly.

Natalie (who hates rom-com’s despite knowing everything about them) is desperate to return to the real world and realizes that she needs to get to the end of her story. Therefore, she needs to make a guy fall in love with her (enter Liam Hemsworth).

Hilarity ensues as every romantic-movie trope ever is paraded across the screen in a glorious, larger than life film that leaves the audience wanting more.

It’s actually refreshing to see a movie that is so aware of itself and yet embraces the quirks we’ve come to know and love. Wilson’s Natalie is a woman who is fine with her life before and after her romantic comedy adventure. She takes charge of her life and develops into a wonderfully rounded person that can see the bigger, more beautiful picture.

If you’re looking for a movie that will celebrate your mushy side while embracing the bite of life, all while dancing through a perfect New York City, Isn’t It Romantic is here for you.

Catch Isn’t It Romantic in a theater near you.

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