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Is V-Day the Key to Your Cuffs?

The Valentine’s Day season is often difficult for many due to incessantly romantic couples and the constant interrogation from family. Moreover, advertisements of lovestruck couples overcome with happiness and consumers lend themselves to our wanting our own Ryan Gosling and our own La La Land. The longing for someone to nestle into by the fireplace under mountains of blankets tugs at our chilled cores each night. Some of us were lucky enough to escape a lonely winter by taking advantage of “Cuffing Season”, thus successfully entering into a relationship and confidently answering questions to mothers-longing-to-be-grandmothers.

If you are single or dating, the phrase “cuffing season” frequently escapes your mouth or, at the least, is a passing thought; and while you have undoubtedly taken part in the season’s cheer in some capacity in your life, the sentiments and relationship you have with this period of love are likely varied.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the aptly-called fifth season, psychotherapist Chamin Ajjan can help. She, in an article written for Psychology Today, explains the ins and outs of “Cuffing Season” and offers analysis as to why this phenomena of eros has everyone smitten.

Lack of vitamin D and more time spent indoors result in a significant decline in serotonin and a peak in testosterone, causing people to resent their empty beds. As winter begins to taper, we are left with a dwindling biological need for the warmth of a body in bed or even the “heat” of a new relationship, despite the love and sap drenching us on Valentine’s Day. For the Anti-Valentine’s Day, crew eating chocolates, smelling roses, and caressing stuffed bears by their lonesome may not resent the day as much as they thought; it’s likely they have needs unsatiated during the season of love.

Being tied down, or “cuffed” may be more than a personal heater this winter. The chilly months of the season certainly necessitate warming of the heart, but it won’t be cold forever, ladies and gentleman, and Valentine’s Day definitely marks the end of this (dreadful?) season.

The beginning of rising temperatures is around the corner as we prepare for Punxsutawney Phil to tell us it’s Spring. Some may argue that V-Day is the Groundhog day of love, but really, we all need is just Groundhog Day.

After the mush of a full day of cute romance and cinematic swooning, a crossroads is upon us. Will you ditch the clammy palms or has your Cuffing Season partner earned a full-time position and seat at the next family gathering? Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is the prime time to decide whether you think you are in for the long haul with your significant other, or if you think it’s time to break it off and move on. Whether the roses bloom or wilt warmer weather is coming and that can mean a lot of fun — both for relationships and single people.

A glowing flicker of springtime warmth lures us into our usual outdoor activities each year. You can take a couples road-trip or go on a beach trip with friends. You can share a milkshake for a cute Instagram picture, or get two for yourself! The warmer weather is better, coupled or single. The influx of social activities during warmer weather creates perfect settings for short flings or casual relationships.

Uncertainty may lead you to consider trends in your relationship thus far. How serious is it? Are you strictly nighttime friends or are you publicly seen in the daylight doing more casual things like running errands or grabbing a coffee between classes? Is it more than just great sex or are you developing deeper feelings for this person?

Regardless, decisions have to be made for the sake of everyone’s time and out of respect for each other. Although rushing a decision to make things official will put unnecessary pressure on the relationship, prolonging anything either of you doesn’t see going anywhere significant may end up hurting both of you in the end.

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