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“Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse” Swings Into Theaters (Movie Review)

What do you get when you bring different Spideys from across different Multiverses? A whole lot of fun and a jam packed storyline. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, brings a new story that is arguably the best animated film of the year.

When I first heard of this movie in development, I did not think much of it being a big deal. Even when the first trailer was released, I knew for a fact I would go out and see it but my expectations were not high. Boy, little did I know, this movie shined in so many different ways.

Even if you are not a fan or do not know much about Spider-Man, this movie is perfect for anyone. Not only covering who each important character is, but also shedding light on character development. From when we first see Miles Morales as a kid from Brooklyn to the web slinging hero we have all grown to love, it is inspiring.

Miles goes through so much in such little time that we do not need to see him in the costume to know he is a fighter and a hero before he even believes it. You do not really see it lately in superhero films and it is important to see it.

The movie starts with Miles Morales, a kid from Brooklyn who is trying to fit in at his new fancy school and simultaneously trying to cope with the fact that he has gained powers like that of Spider-Man. When he comes across a radioactive spider and gets bitten, Miles’ life is forever changed and is now apart of the Spider-Man world.

Despite it being PG-13, the film has a darker theme compared to what you would usually see in an animated movie that many kids are going to drag their parents to go see. The animation in this movie was stunning to say the least.

Certainly different from what we are use to seeing in animated movies like from Disney, it was a great change of pace. It was like watching it straight out of a comic book. The story and idea being told was pitch perfect to do as an animated movie and I am glad they took advantage of that.


At first the death of the Spider-Man in Miles’ universe felt like a risky move but I am proud they went that route because this story of Miles’ journey would not have happened of him trying to be a hero. A death to an important character, is always the hardest ones and I wish Miles’ had gotten to know the original Spider-Man from his universe a bit more before he died.

Then bringing in Spider-Man in his post prime is what I least expected to like. If anything I thought this
would hurt the film, but it worked so well because of his veteran age, he was able to be a great
mentor to Miles without even realizing it.

One of the hardest parts to watch was a classic Stan Lee cameo. Knowing of his passing and watching his cameo, it was bittersweet but fit when he interacted with Miles. After this film, it became my favorite cameo of Stan Lee.

As far as the other Spidey’s from the multiverse, it was a great diverse bunch. Spider Pig steals the show a couple of times with his wit and charm. Spider-Woman? Gwen Stacey showed us in the film just how much of a badass she is. All the different Spidey’s added to be a group of an original and unstoppable team.

Overall, this film was a great way to end 2018 which was full of some of the most incredible pieces of cinema. The ending of remembering Stan Lee and Steve Ditko felt right and just. What I first thought to be another lazy cash grab became a great unique take on the reason we have grown to love Spidey.

What this movie really understood was, the essence of what it means to be Spider-Man and no matter who or what was a Spidey, each and everyone one of them embodied what it means to be Spider-Man.

Despite being an origin story, we see the Miles we have all grown to know and love despite the fact that he was just starting out, he teaches us that anyone can be a hero with a leap of faith.


Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse, is officially in theaters now!


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