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“Iron Fist” Cancellation: What’s Next for Danny Rand/Iron Fist?

Iron Fist is a show on Netflix that is connected in the MCU along with other Marvel Netflix shows like, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, DaredevilPunisher and The Defenders. It was recently revealed that Iron Fist would be cancelled and thus no renewal for a third season. The cancellation comes as a shock due to the success of Marvel’s other Netflix shows.

As a fan of the MCU, it does not come as a shock to me, due to the fact that Iron Fist’s first season was not what would be expected from a Netflix show. However, many fans and critics alike have said that Iron Fist’s second season is much better.

Despite this, Iron Fist still has sadly come to an end, but what does this mean for the Immortal Iron Fist/Danny Rand?

Even with Iron Fist’s cancellation, Danny Rand is expected to appear in other MCU projects in the future. We would love to see him in a second season of The Defenders (if they do one) or another awesome cameo in Luke Cage Season 3?

Danny Rand in Iron Fist has had mixed reactions among fans and critics due to the portrayal of his character. His character was first approached completely different from the way he is towards the end of Iron Fist Season 1 and his Luke Cage cameo.

One thing for sure is that Iron Fist was not receiving the money and ratings that Marvel studios wanted, thus the cancellation.

I am excited to see what Marvel intends to do with Danny Rand. The hint of him possibly being in future projects should get fans excited because even though there are no current plans for a second season of The Defenders, we never know what they might reveal in the future!


The newest Netflix Marvel installment, Daredevil season three was officially released on Netflix today! Also, feel free to take a trip down memory lane and rewatch seasons one and two of Iron Fist, which are also available on Netflix.

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