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The Confidence Cup

When we were younger, coffee was the brown drink we referred to as “yucky” and that only the “big kids” drank. Now, we consume coffee as though it is water without realizing exactly why we do.

Obviously, this is because we are those “big kids” now and manage our lives wonderfully. Yeah, that would be nice.

Coffee is defined in the dictionary as “a drink made from the roasted and ground bean-like seeds of a tropical shrub, served hot or iced”. It is derived from the ground and is usually mixed with either water, milk, or sugar (and  if you really are a coffee connoisseur, a few pumps of whatever you like at starbucks).

Humans either use coffee for the caffeination, the comfort of its warmth, or an iced coffee for its refreshing taste. Sometimes we even use it during meetings or to socialize.

I remember the first time I drank coffee, it was junior year of high school as well as finals week. I used the drink to make up for my lack of sleep, working as a jolt to keep studying. I just felt like I could not go through my day on my own, and ever since then the drink has brought me both comfort as well as a pep in my step no matter the time of day.

I can do anything with a good old cup of joe. I noticed even more so while in college that coffee is both the crutch and social aspect for a typical college student. Students just like me also believe anything can be done after drinking a cup of coffee, or at least I hope they gain the confidence from it like I do.

Particularly for this article but mainly out of curiosity, I researched the benefits and the disadvantages of coffee. All I could really finalize was that caffeine aspect of coffee is actually a psychoactive drug, one of the very few drugs open to consumption by the public as well as on that is unregulated.

 One of the side effects of caffeine, which is found not only in coffee but in tea and in chocolate, is that it creates a dependency. Those who consume caffeine can basically become addicted to it and have withdrawals that include headaches, hard times concentrating, as well as irritability.

Some medicines like Midol or Excedrin Migraine also contain caffeine as caffeine can be synthetically placed into medicine.

As someone that enjoys chocolate and coffee, often together, the idea that I could be addicted to the caffeine makes me question whether caffeine made the decision for me to like it or if I did? But hey if I am going to be addicted to something I am content with it being chocolate and coffee.

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