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10 Best Cheap Eats Around Campus

With the semester now in full swing I find myself, like many others, wondering what to eat throughout the day. A constant battle between what my heart wants and what my wallet can afford ensues, filling my thoughts with “Do I eat Chipotle again or do I try something new?” So here are my top ten cheap (and quick!) eats around the Suffolk campus.

1) Zen Sushi

Somewhere I have only recently discovered is Zen. Throughout the Summer I worked in the Suffolk University Welcome Center located directly next to 73 Tremont and found myself constantly trying new foods. Not only is Zen super close by (located right on Beacon St) it is incredibly affordable and they accept RAM card! You can get two rolls for around $10 or grab an appetizer or side, my go to is the spicy tuna roll and steamed shumai.                             

2) Dig Inn

For a feel-good meal, Dig Inn has become a hub for clean eating. I always go for a Happy Valley Meatball Market bowl because honestly, what’s better than a good ole meatball? Dig Inn has something for everyone from veggie bowls to tofu to steak and chicken. You definitely cannot go wrong with lunch from here. Although they can be on the more expensive side if you’re a fish person, I promise it’s worth it.

3) Cafe Artigiano

A spot I only discovered last week, Cafe Artigiano is home to a handful of wicked low-priced panini. They have numerous types of paninis among other sandwiches and from what I can tell, this hidden gem is going to become a regular spot for me. Don’t forget to try their fries which are hand-cut and fried in-house! Breakfasts here are as equally affordable as their lunch items. Regardless of your meal-time choice, you can’t go wrong at Cafe Artigiano.

4) Al’s’ Cafe

Located over on State Street, Al’s Cafe is the place for a phat sub. Starting at just $9, you can get a sub that is sure to fill you up. If you are a bit weary on the size of these super subs, don’t worry because the lunch combo options ensure that you leave with a full belly. Combos include a sub, drink, and bag of chips for just $9.50. This is definitely a good place to go if you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck.

5) Spyce

A fairly new addition to our Downtown Crossing faves, Spyce creates a really rather unique environment where you get to watch robots cook your food for you. Not only is the environment a facinatingly enjoyable place to be, but the food is pretty great too. They have a wide variety of options consisting of food bowls inspired from various parts of the world, options for customers with dietary restrictions, and ways to dictaate spice levels for everyone.                                      

6) Capitol Coffee House

A Suffolk favorite for most students and faculty, known for their low-cost and delicious foods, Capitol has a well-deserved spot on this list. Although most find themselves here for breakfast they have a killer lunch menu that won’t leave your wallet feeling nearly empty afterwards.     

7) Fill-a-Buster

Perhaps you have already heard all about chicken cutlet Thursdays or stopped in for breakfast, but the Fill-a-Buster cannot be forgotten. Massive portions for small amounts of money is hard to complain about to begin with, but having it right around the corner seems unreal. Fill-a-Buster sees many Suffolk students already due to its location alone, and trust me when I say the Lamb KeBab is worth taking the trip around the corner to try.              

                           8) Cafe Podima

A classic, signature stop that I will always claim as my favorite. Podima has a large variety of sandwiches and salads (not to mention their pastas, soups, and wings among other tasty items on their extensive menu) so there is always something new to try. Although it is a little farther out it’s worth the walk for the delicious sandwiches that you can get (and frozen yogurt!!).

                                        9) Sweetgreen

Ah Sweetgreen, although always a hit or miss I believe this to be a very notable spot for a salad that doesn’t come from 73. Every once in a while it’s good to branch out and eat a salad for, ya know, health reasons; Sweetgreen offers some staples and some seasonal salads to always keep you on your toes and give you different options to try.

10) Boloco

Our final option in the area that is a little farther out is boloco. It’s multiple locations will give you a chance to explore Boston if you’re trying to find ways to kill time between classes or are in the mood for a walk through the fall leaves. Boloco is by far the best place to go for a burrito around Suffolk. Don’t get me wrong I love my chipotle too, but boloco has a wide range of different options to try and it’s always good to break things up and eat a different burrito every now and again.   

These are my top 10 go-to spots that get you out of Suffolk’s cafeterias but still keeping money in your wallet. There are so many different places to eat around campus it would be a shame not to try at least some of them. The self-professed foodie in me urges everyone to try something new this week!

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