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The Future of Superman in the DCEU

Henry Cavil as Superman

Superman has been a beloved and iconic superhero to fans and people alike. The character has manifested to a pop icon that many have grown to love. It was only fitting to do another live action superman film, Man of Steel.

While Man of Steel was not terrible, it did open up the DCEU, the cinematic universe for DC heroes. Some have enjoyed the films while others just find films like, Suicide Squad or Justice League, as bland.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear: the DCEU is a mess and slowly falling apart. Henry Cavil, the actor who has plays Superman in the DCEU reportedly will no longer be playing the beloved superhero.

This news adds to the pressure that Warner Bros has been getting from making better films. The DCEU has been a roller coaster for fans of DC. After, Batman V Superman, many began to doubt Warner Bros and what they were bringing about in these films.

The light began to shine through after the success of Wonder Woman, but there is still so much to say about if there even is a future for the DCEU. The route that Warner Bros has been approaching with these films seem careless and extremely rushed. After many notorious film successes created by Marvel, it is no wonder that DC wanted to live up too par or even beat Marvel’s success.

Before it was announced that Henry Cavil would reportedly no longer play Superman, DC studios were in talks with Cavil about a future “Man of Steel” sequel and even a possible cameo in the upcoming film, Shazam. Unfortunately, Cavil could not do the cameo due to scheduling conflicts and the studio has been putting off the “Man of Steel” sequel for quite some time now.

Warner Bros. seems to now be going a different route as there are rumors that they want to make, “Supergirl” the new face of the DCEU. This is exciting, but fans of DC can only hope that Warner Bros. can do right by her.

For now, only time will tell about what the future of the DCEU will be. It is disappointing that the DCEU has just been slowly falling apart before our very eyes, but there is still a chance to save it by bringing in other beloved characters from DC’s comics and taking a different approach towards their films.

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