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So Here’s What We’re NOT Going To Do…

So, Here’s What We’re NOT Going to Do…


The start of the school year creates as many resolutions as January 1st does and by the time October rolls around, we’ve completely lost track of what we even hoped for. All determination and will-power has been tossed out of the 12th floor of 73 Tremont’s windows as we wait in anticipation for Halloweekend. This lack of motivation may cause grades to slip, friendships to be strained, and more than our fair share of nights in.


To help prevent some of the “mid-semester scaries”, I have created my very own anti-bucket list for fall semester.


1.Miss Assignments

No matter how tired you are, if finishing that homework assignment is not a realistic option, at least start it and get as far as you can before falling asleep at the kitchen table. Some points are always better than none and your professor will hopefully appreciate the effort you took.


2. Skip Class

Nothing is worse than losing easy points for missing too many classes. Yeah, maybe the walk to class will suck and it might be cold, and you might fall asleep in class once you get there. You. Can. Do it. Some professors will take as much as one whole letter grade off of your final grade for your lack of attendance. In addition to attendance grades, you will miss important material and most likely fall behind, this impacting the other grades for that class. I promise, that hour and 15 minute class you went to will be far more worth the in and out of sleep you got.

3. Become Addicted to Caffeine (or other substances)

Science has proven that the majority of fatigue is due to dehydration and lack of regular sleep. Caffeine is a natural dehydrator, diarrhetic, and appetite suppressant. More than one or two cups a day will prevent your body from getting not only the hydration it needs, but the nutrients from the food you are most likely not eating due to the appetite suppressant agent. Instead of reaching for that third coffee, grab a water instead.

4. Become a Couch Potato

We’ve had all summer to make the gym our second home. Although the new semester schedule will take some getting used to, always find time for yourself and get a work out in. Whether it be getting up an hour earlier to go for a morning run or doing some crunches before bed, get something in. We absolutely cannot let ourselves fall out of a good workout regimen because a fit gal is a happy gal.

5. Hide in Cyberspace

It is so easy to live vicariously through the “5th year” or your friends late night snap stories as opposed to throwing your exhausted body off your bed to throw on some makeup and heels to head out until the wee hours of the morning. The thing is: those nights out with your friends are the nights you will never forget. The college experience is not something to be taken lightly. These are the years you feel invincible and they should not go to waste because you hid behind your phone screen. Go out. Have fun. Spend some money (except if you’re broke, then you should definitely stay in or maybe go to work).

6. Go Home Every Weekend

While going to see your family can provide a safe space and somewhere you can relax and get away from the bustle of the city, going every weekend can prevent you from building lasting relationships with potential friends. We’re in college now. We have to realize now is the time to become independent and start to create a life for ourselves.

7. Spend Your Life’s Savings

Sure, you’re making new friends and reuniting with old ones in the first few weeks of the semester and you’re going to all want to go out to eat or order in. Ubers are expensive, food in the city is pricey, and sometimes your friends don’t always respond to your Venmo requests. Don’t make the mistake of spending all of your money in the first few weeks. To prevent this, consider budgeting your weeks and allowing yourself a certain amount of money to spend each week. A job is also helpful and there are plenty of places hiring downtown in September!

8. Unprotected Sex?

We are most definitely not going to be engaging in unprotected sex. It is so incredibly easy to communicate with a partner to ensure you are having safe and fun sex. Whether it be with a condom, dental dam, or even getting regular checkups to test for STI’s, safe sex is crucial to a successful semester.

9. Let Cuffing Season Get Us Down

Although finding a new love interest is at times exciting, it can without a doubt distract you from not only your coursework, but from your existing friendships as well. Don’t ever let a potential partner tear you from your friends. Definitely don’t let your newest love interest turn you against your friends who have been there for you since day one because you will need them when things between you and your crush eventually work out to run and spill all the tea to.

10. Throwing Up in the Uber

The fine associated for throwing up in an Uber is $150. The Uber website states, “In order for riders to enjoy safe, comfortable rides, drivers maintain clean vehicles. Riders are responsible for damage to the interior or exterior of a vehicle caused by incidents such as vomiting or food spills. Cleaning fees are assessed and charged according to the extent of the damage. There are 4 levels of severity. From low to high:

  1. Damage that requires vacuuming or simple cleaning (e.g. small messes, food or drink or other liquid spills) is charged $20. Some liquid spills, such as pool or sea water, may be charged up to $50.
  2. Vomit or spills on the exterior of a vehicle are charged $40.
  3. Vomit and larger food or beverage spills on fabric or other hard-to-clean surfaces inside a vehicle typically require detailing and are charged $80.
  4. Significant amounts of bodily fluids (e.g. urine, blood, or vomit) on the vehicle’s interior or messes that require cleaning between the window and door are charged $150.”

So, we are for sure not going to be spending that $150 because we have better things to spend our money on like Fajitas & ‘Ritas.

Everyone knows you most likely won’t follow these to a tee and may forget about all of them come October, but let it be known, you’ve been warned from the Suffolk Voice.

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