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SGA Needs Better Communication

What ever happened to GRIT? And who is now the SGA president?

With these inquiries I cannot help but wonder if Suffolk’s Student Government is getting enough recognition. Furthermore, let’s recap the order of events dating back to elections period:

GRIT ran as a team effort and consequently won. HOWEVER, Elections had to be redone.
Okay, no big deal. This seemed arbitrary, but none the least normal. That is, until GRIT was disqualified due to one of the members passing out lollipops during elections period; a clear violation of SGA’s rules.

Again, the consequences are customary, but there really wasn’t a statement about the issue at hand. In fact, a lot of people, including myself, heard about the supposed disqualification from a GRIT member’s Facebook post.

Ideally, I would have liked to know the full story behind why my SGA’s elected president was no longer in standing. I also would have loved to be in the loop as to why elections had to be looked over once more and re-done. That said, it is extremely important that students are kept up to date with current events on campus, especially within the school’s government. SGA should have stated the reason behind GRIT’s disqualification and given more detail about the upcoming election process.

Additionally, there has yet to be a proper announcement or welcoming for the current SGA president. Take note that several members of SGA were contacted for further information, however, some were unwilling, and others did not want to be named, which is completely understandable. But there still lies this perpetual issue of not knowing the entire story behind Suffolk’s student government.

First, there is the reminder of elections and how they had to be re-done. In my mind, I envision an unhappy Student Judiciary Review Board changing the status of elections to meet their wants. Truthfully, I hope that Suffolk’s student government is not corrupt, and I do not think that it is, but with several attempts at finding my answers, I was steered in all sorts of directions that have led me nowhere, to be frank. So, of course I have let my mind wander.

To make matters worse, GRIT was then disqualified due to a policy issue pertaining to one of the members. I would assume that this would have been caught firsthand, not after a re-election. Then again, I lack the appropriate knowledge to make these assumptions, but SGA members have yet to lead me in the right direction.

When all of this is said and done, SGA still has not reported their president. Nor have they given adequate responses to my queries. I commend the Student Government for what they do, but I feel as though they might want to better communicate with the Suffolk student body, along with give themselves more recognition.

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