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Tips to Avoid the “Spring Scaries”

Believe it or not, it’s springtime here in Boston! With the (eventual) warm weather comes a rush of jitters, especially for us college students who just cannot wait for the summer season to begin. As the motivation starts to dim as finals approach, it’s important to remember why you’re here and try to replenish that motivation as it dies. At the end of the day, you’re paying for your education and the experiences you have here, so you definitely don’t want to slack!

Tip #1

Don’t fall behind in your classes! I know it’s really hard to not fall behind or push something off because you think you have time or just don’t want to do it but you cannot let that happen. The moment you start letting that stuff go is the point of no return. Keeping up with your schoolwork will allow you to avoid those late nights filled with cramming in homework and chugging Red Bull.


Tip #2

Exercise! Working out helps maintain and even increase your endorphins which help to make you happy and feel good about yourself. The key to success is feeling healthy and exercising will help you in maintaining a positive mindset while keeping you in shape (“summer bod” here you come).

Tip #3

Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Although it may be quicker to grab some fast food or chicken tenders from the dining hall, it’s taking a toll on your body. The more greasy, questionable food you put into your body, the more you will start to slump. By eating healthier (try grilled chicken instead of fried and vegetables instead of french fries) you will be able to keep your body more energized which will allow you to get more work done as well.


Tip #4

Make plans! Whether it be planning a “you day” or a day with friends, having plans will help to keep a schedule which will prevent you from pushing tasks off. Making plans will also help make you feel joyous and springtime is all about happiness.


Tip #5

Take a breather. Too much stress is not good for your body or mind and will send you into a funk. The idea here is to take a few deep breaths when you start to get stressed or overwhelmed and then set yourself some goals. Which leads us to….


Tip #6

Make goals! Giving yourself objectives and a starting point with end goals for certain tasks will help you get through each in reasonable portions, so you won’t end up forgetting to do something. It will also help keep you on a schedule and will keep you from falling behind!


All of these tips have a similar theme that relates directly back to tip #1. The best thing that you can do to keep yourself from sinking is staying on top of everything you have to do without spreading yourself too thin. It’s spring time so smile! Let the worries fall away! Finals are coming up and it’s important to go in with a clear head, so keep your chin up and keep plugging along!


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