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Here Are The Facts, Factual Feminist

What is a Factual Feminist? Better yet, who is she?

…Her name is Christina Sommers and she is coming to Suffolk University to speak for YAF (Young Americans For Freedom), a widely known conservative group recently brought to campus. Amidst animosity and protest from Suffolk students though, YAF has continued promoting their expected speaker.

Around campus, advertisements of Sommer’s have been ripped from the walls and students have replaced them with posters questioning the right-winged group on campus. And to top it off, discussing the upcoming speaker has brought animosity and aggravation.

So many aspects of these posters result in chaos amongst Suffolk students, and here is why…

Overall, Christina Sommer’s is not a feminist, or a ‘factual’ one at that, even though she claims to be. She states that “The gender pay gap is bogus”, and continues with her absurd idea that intersectional feminism is not real. In doing some research on this supposed scholar, it is evident that Sommers is very adamant about knocking down feminist movements, which entirely contradicts her claim as a feminist. Furthermore, her video blog, The Factual Feminist, defames feminism by claiming that women are misguided about feminism and are wrong in the actions they take to defend themselves.

After watching The Factual Feminist, Sommer’s crudely informs an audience that she thinks there are a plethora of flaws in intersectional feminism. In the video she scoffs at the idea and claims she will ‘limit’ herself to discussing only three. Furthermore, Sommer’s starts off by saying intersectional feminism is just a fabricated ideology.

She states, “It’s a conspiracy theory. An all-encompassing theory of human reality, constructed to be immune to criticism.”

Her reasoning is because it forces women into categories based on race and other characteristics. Okay…?

Although Sommers has somewhat of a grasp on intersectional feminism, a tiny one at that, she is neglecting to see the whole picture. First, intersectionality aims to promote equality among all individuals in regards to their race, gender, and class. Therefore, intersectional feminism is more refined in the sense that it focuses on true equality among men and women of all backgrounds. Thus, it not only promotes equality, but it also places importance on those who are often forgotten in the injustices of society. So, if fair treatment for men and women of all types is considered a conspiracy theory then I guess there should more of them.

As the video progresses, Sommers states that women and men should be allowed to work one on one in the work place. In fact, she deems it necessary. For instance,

“Young women need the support and mentorship of male supervisors. And in many industries, this means the kind of after-hours collaboration that has always been there for young men.”

In hindsight, Sommers does make a good point, where women should be able to utilize the guidance that their higher-ups provide. But by no means does that entail women needing male supervisors. In fact, who is to say that there will always be male supervisors? The problem is not what she said, it is how she said it. Sommers basically made a claim denouncing the role of women in the workplace along with making them inferior to men, all in one sentence. Yet, she inexorably reminds the public of her role as “The Factual Feminist”.

Despite Sommers’ claim to fame as a feminist (on the conservative side obviously), I find it highly contradictory that she is coming to campus as a speaker, especially in April which is National Women’s month. Not only does she defame the #MeToo movement that started in 2017, Sommers even goes as far as to belittle victims who have come forward about sexual harassment/ assault. Her claim is that it has negatively affected men of power… well, that makes sense.

From the get-go of Sommers’ #MeToo publication on The Factual Feminist, she begs that the movement not get confused with gender equality.

“Please, let’s not allow it to be hijacked by delusions of gender Armageddon.”

Sommers then argues that women are afraid of getting killed whenever they go out on a date, a statement she pulled from an article written by Jennifer Wright in Harper’s Bazaar. She continues, refuting the allegation with statistics from The Justice Department, saying that only 30% of homicides are female and men are more likely to kill men anyhow.

Not only does this have very little to do with the movement, but Sommers’ argument is very misguided and to be quite frank, weak. She is using statistics to back up how women have a lesser chance of getting murdered than men, which is irrelevant when looking at #MeToo full scale. The movement is not about whether women will die on their next night out, it is about bringing awareness to sexual assault and responding to it in an effective matter; with both men and women on board.

In hindsight, Christina Hoff Sommers is entitled to her opinion. However, bringing her to campus during the month of April to discuss her far right views on Feminism is asinine. If she was a true feminist, she would not blindly turn an eye to the prevailing issues between men and women. She would not allege that intersectionality is just a misled conspiracy theory that hinders people from equality because it places them against one another. Sommers would not denounce women and say they need the ‘support and mentorship’ of men in the workplace. And most of all, a real, true Factual Feminist would not contend that a movement led to raise sexual assault awareness is misguided and led by women that are averse towards men. And so, be it as it may, Christina Hoff Sommers is certainly not a feminist, nor a factual one at that.

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