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Four DIY Self-Care Alternatives!

No college student truly has the time or money (especially money) to be going out to overpriced markets to buy “as seen on TV” or “celebrity approved” self-care items. Over the years with the help of a long line of crafty and innovative elders, I have gathered what I think to be the top four most important items to have in your home for self-care.


#1: Honey Sugar Face Scrub

This one was actually introduced to me recently by a fellow #Ramily member. All you need is some white or brown sugar and honey. Simply combine a 1-2 ratio of sugar to honey and mix until you think you have enough to cover your face. The sugar serves as an excellent natural exfoliant and soother while the honey acts as a natural aid for eczema, puffy eyes, and acne. If you’re feeling extra boujee, add in some essential oils for scent, and additional moisturizing elements.



Apply liberally to all parts of your face and massage it in for 1-3 minutes. Allow the scrub to rest on your face for an additional 2-4 minutes to ensure the soothing and moisturizing effects are given time to act. After the time is up, you’re ready to rinse it all off with water. Be sure not to use hot or warm water as increased water temperature on the skin has been proven to likely dry it out.


This scrub can also be used on other parts of your body such as legs or hands. The natural ingredients are the perfect solution for sensitive skin! Package it in a mason jar or other small container to store away for the next time you need a cleanse.


#2: Coconut Oil on EVERYTHING

Although coconut oil is more commonly kept in a kitchen cabinet as an alternative to vegetable oil, coconut oil is a lot more versatile than people may know. Not only is it an amazing moisturizer, but it can also be great for repairing dry hair ends! Lather the ends of your hair with the oil 30 minutes before a shower, or even overnight to allow for your dry hair to soak up the oil.

Some of the benefits of coconut oil include hormone balancing, digestion regulation, cellulite reduction, wrinkle minimizing, fat burning, and decreasing chances of Alzheimer’s. Now those are benefits that can definitely not be seen in your average vegetable oil!


#3: Toothpaste on Stubborn Pimples

City air, dining hall grime, stress, and hormones are certainly a recipe for nightmarish acne and surprise blemishes. Our social lives and daily interactions cause us to be self-conscious. An old remedy my grandmother and mother have advised me to utilize is my toothpaste. Apparently, the minty fresh gel can do more than clean my teeth. The inevitable toothpaste on the corner of our faces may be beneficial after all.


Toothpaste works wonders on blemishes and stubborn pimples! Using toothpaste as an acne spot treatment overnight will dry out the blemish and leave you with a fresh face in the morning.


#4: Vaseline for chapstick and deep-moisturizing

We all know Vaseline is a wonderful multipurpose home commodity. A popular use is chapstick among others, however many are often reluctant to spread the petroleum jelly over large body surfaces such as arms or legs. Vaseline products are amazing moisturizing assets that should be in everyone’s self-care cabinet.


Although the substance may leave you sticking to a few surfaces or even some sheets if you are an avid pre-sleep moisturizing type, allowing the vaseline to settle into your skin for a few minutes prior to resuming normal activities will not be a regret of yours.


I hope you all will be open to trying a few of these self-care alternatives! They’re a great way to save money on expensive name brand cosmetic items. Although some of the ingredients in products such as toothpastes are not always 100% natural, I’m confident that you will find your own alternatives on your journey to cleaner and more cost-efficient self-care!

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