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The Embr Wave Band Provides a Personal Thermostat for the Body


Warm Up. Cool Down. Feel Good. The Embr Wave band, advertised as a personal thermostat for your body, is a bracelet to wear on your wrist, that sends hot or cold pulses to your wrist dozens of times per minute, warming or cooling your body instantly, all at a press of a button. This will cause your body to believe it’s cooler or warmer outside than it actually is. Think about that first moment you dip your toes in the cool ocean water, after laying on the beach all day in the summer. You feel the freezing water, and you’re instantly cooled. Or the moment you sit by a roaring fire in the dead of winter, with a warm blanket wrapped around your shoulders and hot chocolate in your hand. You feel at bliss. With the Embr Wave band, these moments can be with you at all times, with the power literally at your fingertips.

The Embr Wave band was created by four MIT students in 2013, who wanted to save energy by creating their own personal heating sources. Through a study that Embr and University of California Berkley published together, they found that applying hot or cold temperatures to the wrist specifically, helps your body warm up or cool down faster. They established that the temperature change on the wrist also helps to relieve the aches, pains, and stress in the body. Since their creation of the Wave band in 2013, Embr Labs have made a band that will be your personal heater or A/C unit.

The Embr Wave has been ensured that it is safe, so it doesn’t set your clothes on fire, or hurt your skin in any way. The band has a fail safe mechanism that shuts itself off if it begins to overheat, and a magnetic clip that is easy to fit to any size wrist. Though it’s mainly for indoor use, it works perfectly outdoors as well. Jackets help keep the cold out, but with the Embr Wave band, you’re body will be warm from the start, with your jacket just helping to keep the cold away.

Embr Labs has already ordered their second batch of Embr Wave bands due to popularity. They have surpassed their $100,000 goal, reaching $630,000 as of last week. They have been reviewed by many newspapers, websites, and even networks, most notable the Oprah Winfrey Network. The band’s charge lasts for two to three days, averaging around 25-30 sessions per charge.

Take, for example, a shower nob. Turn it one way, you can make it colder, the other way, you make it warmer. With the Embr Wave band, you press the button on the left side to make it colder, and the button on the right side to make it warmer. You can also change the sensitivity by holding either button until it flashes purple. With its simple use and design, the Embr Wave band helps the cold feel warmer, and the hot feel cooler. You can pre-order the second round of Embr Wave bands here. The shipment going out on July 2018, is now 93% sold out, so act fast!

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