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Suffolk University’s Michael Royce Running for SGA Treasurer

For marketing major Michael Royce, holding a position in Suffolk’s Student Government Association is the perfect job for someone with his interests. This why he is running for the treasurer position in this year’s election.

Royce has been a Senator for the class of 2019 since his sophomore year and also serves as a trustee ambassador, where he gives prospective Suffolk students a tour of campus, and is often times the first Suffolk representative a prospective student meets.

Royce says that some of the most common questions he is asked are about getting involved and how strong the community of Suffolk actually is. Seeing how important clubs and organizations are to the Suffolk community, that is one thing that he really wants to focus on, should he be elected.

“Clubs are such an integral part of any college campus,” says Royce. “I want to encourage as much involvement for students as possible, meaning I’ll reach out to students. I’ll find out what clubs they like, what clubs they might want to start, and what events clubs want to have.”

Royce is very familiar with starting a new club, as he is one of the founder’s of Suffolk’s Golden Gavel Club. He was also a member of the Suffolk Mock Trial club for his first three years at Suffolk and served as Vice President for some of his time in the club.

If elected treasurer, another one of Royce’s main goals is to provide more education and training for the treasurers of other clubs. Right now, all eboard members of clubs must attend LEAP training in the spring, which is a seminar that trains students from all different universities and clubs on how to run a club in all different ways. The problem with this, that Royce sees, is that the training takes place in the spring, and then the next semester doesn’t start until the fall.

“There’s too much time between the LEAP training and the start of a new semester,” Royce says. “There’s a lot to learn at the LEAP seminar and to go months without using what you learn isn’t too valuable at the start of a new school year. I want to create a type of training in September that treasurers specifically have to go to, where they get refreshed all the things they learned at LEAP but maybe some new things well.”

Doing this will help clubs have successful treasurers and will hopefully aid in maintaining a decent budget.

Royce is also not just looking to create more clubs, but has some ideas for a few specific ones as well, such as Model UN and Mock Trial. Both clubs compete against other schools in tournaments, so Royce wants to promote them to a team status instead of a club. This will provide them with more funding. He is also looking to start a Pool Club, as the pool tables are so commonly used in the Sawyer lounges.

Royce knows he’ll have to work closely with the Student Leadership Involvement (SLI) office, which he currently has a work study in. He thinks this will make working with them very easy for him.

Although Royce has a lot of goals, he also realizes that it may not be very simple to implement his plans.

“I’ve learned throughout my leadership positions that just because I have goals in mind doesn’t mean it will always work,” says Royce. “It really is all about compromise.”

SGA Elections begin on Monday, March 5th at 9 AM and end on Wednesday, March 7th at 5 PM. Students can vote using SU Connect.

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