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Suffolk University Junior Morgan Robb Running for SGA President

Morgan Robb is no stranger to Suffolk University and takes a lot of pride being a student here; she is one of the presidential candidates for Suffolk’s Student Government Association.

Robb, a junior majoring in Marketing, is a huge Red Sox fan who wants to find her place in activism, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. She loves Suffolk University and if elected, Robb has many goals for SGA. One of her top priorities is to ensure that Suffolk remains a safe, comfortable space for every student.

With such a diverse community at Suffolk, Robb sees a safe, comfortable space to be something that everyone at Suffolk should strive for.

“One of the first things I want to do is implement a type of mandatory training for all professors,” says Robb. “This training would help professors try to understand a different perspective other than their own. Bias training is something all professors should have to do, in-person, and each department.

“This ensures that all students, regardless of their ethnic background, feel a sense of community at Suffolk. We all have our place here, and we have to make sure each student consistently feels like they belong.”

Since coming to Suffolk, Robb has maintained a very open relationship with so many students, clubs, and organizations. This was demonstrated well when several members of Suffolk’s Program Council came to the SGA Election Open Forum and provided Robb with quite the fan section. This can not only be credited to Robb’s dedication to being a leader at Suffolk, but also because she attends so many events, making lots of personal connections along the way. Connections that she says she thrives on.

Robb started out as an SGA Senator for the class of 2019 and has moved up through the association since. She served as a chair of the Public Relations committee and was then elected to be secretary. These ongoing and different positions are what Robb sees as the experience she needs to be president of SGA. She has experience at every level, and has learned valuable lessons through every position she has held.

Like many of the other candidates, Robb cites the space issues at Suffolk to be a top priority on her list of things to work on, if elected. Not only did Robb mention the highly-discussed renovation of the fourth floor of the Mildred F. Sawyer Library that administration has recently announced will be used for offices, but she also mentioned the lack of space for the theater department.

“Right now, the theater department has the Modern Theater and they’re also using space at Roxbury Community College,” says Robb. But she doesn’t see this as enough.

“Some students come to Suffolk specifically for our theater program. Going to Roxbury Community College and having space is good, but what if they didn’t have to commute? Modern Theater is great because it’s on campus but it’s not big enough for our programs,” says Robb. “Theater space should be as top of a priority as classroom and study space.”

If elected president, Robb plans to maintain her transparent relationship with students and clubs at Suffolk. Communication among everyone is what Robb thinks will keep a transparent SGA with the students, and allow the students to know exactly what is going on as it happens. Robb says that that is what the students of Suffolk deserve to get.

This includes communication among students, SGA and the Board of Trustees with their ongoing search for a president. Robb says there are plans to see a new president by the end of the semester.

“As soon as they start, day one, I want them to be briefed on all the needs of the students at Suffolk. We are such a different community compared to other schools; there is really is no school like Suffolk University!” Robb says, smiling. “With that, our president has to know what the students need, and I will make sure their voices are heard, even to the highest position.

“I’ve learned that the best way to communicate and work with someone else is to have a personal conversation, not attacking each other’s sides. If we create a strong relationship with our new president right away, we can find solutions to any problem we face. It’s all about that communication.”

Robb also wants to have a student seat on the Board of Trustees as well, which could ensure that student’s voices are always known.

With this election, Robb could also make Suffolk University history, in being the first female to hold the SGA president position in six years. This is something she takes a lot of pride in.

“Being a woman in this position allows me to offer something a little different than the past several years,” says Robb. “I’m going to be empathetic to every student who wants to have their voice heard, and I will encourage every student that anybody can speak up.

“But, I don’t see it as me being the voice. I see it as giving others the voice they so rightfully deserve.”

SGA elections will begin on Monday, March 5th at 9 AM and end on Wednesday, March 7th at 5 PM. Students can vote through SU Connect.

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