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Suffolk Freshman James Usovicz Running for SGA Vice President

With a firm handshake and an election button pinned to his jacket, James Usovicz is running for the Vice President position for Suffolk University’s Student Government Association. Usovicz wants you to know his main goal: to serve the students.

Usovicz is a first year student at Suffolk, double majoring in History and Government. He was raised in a family of five in Beverly, Massachusetts. Usovicz grew up looking after his brother, who is disabled. It was that constant dedication and empathy for his sibling that made Usovicz want to serve the public and make sure that everyone has their voice heard.

No stranger to dedication and hard work, Usovicz earned his Eagle Scout in 2016 and hasn’t shied away from getting involved in student government since arriving at Suffolk in the fall.

“I made the decision to run for Vice President back in December,” said Usovicz. “I’ve worked closely with the current executive board and I’ve always really admired their passion and hard work to this association. I want to be like that for the students of Suffolk.”

Usovicz was elected a Senator for the class of 2021 as well as being a member of several committees including the Judiciary Review Board and the Dining Committee. In these committees, Usovicz has been responsible for making sure club constitutions are enforced and updated, as well as speaking to students about their needs on campus, especially with the dining halls.

Usovicz is also a member of the Housing Committee at Suffolk, where he helped a student with a problem they were having in one of the residence halls.

“I had a student tell me a few months ago that they didn’t have heat in their dorm,” said Usovicz. “I reached out to facilities and got that problem fixed as soon as possible. No student shouldn’t have heat in their dorms when it’s cold.”

If elected, Usovicz puts the space issues at Suffolk high on his list of priorities.

As Suffolk students know, the fourth floor study space of the Mildred F. Sawyer Library may be seeing big changes soon, as the school plans on renovating the space for administrative offices. Suffolk students have been very open with their concerns on this, as a petition was passed around to change these renovation plans.

“I was actually one of the first senators to reach out to the students who started that petition, and I made sure it reached administration,” said Usovicz. “The way I see it, for every square inch of space we give to offices, we have to make that up somewhere in space for students.”

Usovicz also lists the presidential search as a top priority for him to focus on if elected, promising to keep constant communication among the search committee, members of SGA and the students. Usovicz sees this situation as something that students should constantly be updated on, and as a representative of them, he plans on keeping consistent communication with students and bringing their communication to the search committee.

Usovicz is passionate about SGA and the work it does for the Suffolk community, but the biggest thing Usovicz finds joy in as a student representative is working for the students themselves.

“Suffolk students have shown that when they are passionate about something, we can do anything,” says Usovicz. “Those students deserve someone who is passionate to represent them and their needs.

“I know I can do that job.”

Elections for SGA open at 9 AM on Monday, March 5th, and close on Wednesday, March 7th at 5 PM. All voting is done through SU Connect.

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