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A Thought On Tax Season

Have you ever asked a college student what their favorite time of the year is? Some might say summer because it’s a break from academics. It might be a chance to make some good money and to enjoy the nice weather. Others might say spring or fall and refer to the beauty of the Boston Common or the public garden. Surprisingly, many will say winter, fondly looking back on all the snowball fights, hot chocolate, and canceled school days.

Now if you ask me, I’ll say tax refund season. It’s the one time of year I get a ridiculous amount of money for absolutely no reason at all, and I love it.

Like most students, I work a part-time job. Over breaks and the occasional weekend home, I work as a cashier at my local grocery store, where I’ve been employed since 2015.  This past fall semester I also was a TA for a First-Year Experience class, a basic intro-to-college course for freshman at Suffolk.

This semester, I’m studying abroad in Madrid, Spain, where Suffolk has its international campus, and let me tell you, this tax refund probably saved my life.

Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but once I mentioned studying abroad I’m sure the wheels started turning in your head. Study abroad = travel. Travel = $$$$. And you’re right.

My tax refund came out to a little less than $800 this year, which may not seem like a lot.  But with that tax refund, I was able to pay for travel and accommodations for London, Dublin, and Berlin.

All of those trips are giving me chances to learn about a different country while being in that country. That would not have been possible without that tax refund.

Do I wish my refund was bigger? Yeah, of course I do. I’m a broke college kid studying in Europe trying to cram as much travel as I can into a budget made by a 19-year-old who firmly believes in the Treat-Yo’-Self lifestyle.  

But I also understand that if my tax refund was bigger, it would mean more wages taken from me when I received my paycheck. I’m still in that age where I don’t have to pay the government anything from my taxes. I’m lucky to get my full state and federal refunds back.

So, yeah, my favorite season is tax refund season. And it might be yours, too, as long as you remember to file them (REMEMBER: April 17th is the deadline, for all you procrastinators out there).

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