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Wynn Resorts Under Investigation

Wynn Resorts, owner of The Wynn Boston Harbor resort scheduled to open next year in Everett, is under investigation by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission following the sexual misconduct allegations against Steven Wynn. The complaint alleges that Steven Wynn, Wynn Resort’s CEO, engaged in sexual misconduct and abused his position for decades.

The investigation puts Everett’s $2.4 million project in jeopardy, as the Gaming Commission has the authority to issue fines and potentially cancel Wynn Resort’s license to operate a casino in Massachusetts. With the project roughly a year from completion, the half-complete casino would be a major eye sore for the city of Everett if the Gaming Commission were to revoke Wynn’s casino license.

“It would be a big blow to the city and surrounding towns,” said local resident Eric Keefe, 29. “Since the project was announced I have seen a lot of condominiums and store fronts go up around here. These developments would not have happened if it wasn’t for the Wynn Casino coming in. The impact of the project goes far beyond the Wynn Casino itself.”

A lot of development has occurred around Everett because of the Wynn Casino. Businesses and housing developments are hinged on the increased demand that the casino would create. Without the casino, the surrounding development may suffer.

Since the initial story broke, Steve Wynn has resigned as Wynn Resort’s CEO, prompting the Gaming Commission to release this statement: “The Commission has been made aware of Steve Wynn’s resignation as CEO and Chairman of Wynn Resorts. The Commission and MGC staff will now need to assess the overall impact and implications of this significant development, and the IEB (Investigations and Enforcement Bureau) will maintain its focus on the ongoing probe.”

It is unclear how the Massachusetts Gaming Commission will proceed now that Wynn has stepped down, but one thing for sure is that the citizens of Everett will be watching.

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