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SoMo Talks Tour and Upcoming Projects

SoMo got his start off You Tube where he covered songs in his own unique way. After gaining recognition he signed with Republic Records where he made his first mixtape My Life, with his popular first single, “Ride”. Later he released his debut album SoMo. Recently SoMo released his latest album, My Life III. He is about to head on tour called “The Reservations Tour” with opening acts such as Kid Quill and Caye. The Suffolk Voice writer, Will Heffernan, had the chance to talk with SoMo about his music and his tour.  

Q: How did you make it big into the music industry? 

A: I started on the You Tube community with covers for about four years straight but I also in that time wrote my own original songs and grew a fan base that really connected with it. So, here I am and now I feel like I can really stand as a real artist who has a lot of things to say.  

Q: You’re preparing for The Reservations tour, what are you looking forward to most of that. Also, do you have a new album coming soon because you don’t have an album called “The Reservations”? 

A: No but I did just drop a project called My Life III and that has “Reservations,” the song on it so that’s where that comes from. That being said, I’m always working on new music, so I’m technically always have a new album coming. I don’t really have a date or mind in place right now so I’m just indie so I kind of just want to just drop songs. 

Q: Speaking of dropping songs, you just dropped a song called “Nov 12,” is there any significance with that date? 

A: I mean I don’t want to give it away just, yet I want to let it slowly unravel. It does stand for November 12th, but it might not even be a specific date so that’s all I have to say about that.  

Q: A couple years ago in Boston, you had a crazy fan experience where fans stole your shoes, have you had any crazy experiences since then? 

A: That would probably still be one of the craziest that I can remember. I mean, usually the craziest thing are when girl go crazy outside the bus or hotel. 

Q: You’re from Texas, a very country driven state and you’re a R&B artist, so what did you listen to growing up? 

A: I was definitely around country a bunch, I mean I grew up with 90’s R&B and all that. It’s really just a combination of what I grew up with and the storytelling element definitely comes from listening to a bit of country, but I am really just rooted in R&B. I love pop too, like new and innovative fresh, so I like to make stuff that it sounds current.  

Q: What are some of the inspirations behind My Life III album? 

A: Really, it’s just based on my life. I try to make “My Life” projects be really in the moment and just tell where I’m at in my life and cause you know albums tend to take a little longer to make with the “My Life” process I usually just work on it for a month or two and I just write the songs and I put them and mix them and that’s it so that’s what My Life III, II, and One, were about. I’m really proud of My Life III, it’s my best work as a cohesive album. 

Q: How do you plan set list? 

A: Setlists are definitely tricky sometimes, especially when you get to the point where you have five projects to pull songs from. I just try to play stuff that I think the fans will love and stuff that I enjoy singing. I haven’t sung any of the songs from My Life III, so I’m really excited to just sing all of those for sure.  

Q: In honor of one your songs, “Want It,” what is one thing you want to achieve this year? 

A: I want to just continue going at the pace I’m going. I feel like I’m really gearing up to just release music at a faster pace than what most people are used to. I just want to keep up with all the rest of the people who I think are legends like Drake, and all these people who can release music just constantly.  

Q: Finally, what can we expect from this tour? 

A: I got Caye and Kid Quill opening up for me on all the dates. I’ve been working a lot with this guy named K-MAJOR out of Atlanta, I think he’s going to be something special. He writes a lot of R&B and Hip-Hop as well as writing for a lot of different artists so I’m excited to see him pull his artist level up.  

The Reservations tour starts February 21st in Tulsa, OK  and he will be in Boston at Paradise Rock Club on March 10th. Tickets can be bought here.

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