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Winter 2018 Thrifted Lookbook

Thank the lord for being more than halfway through this dreadful winter season. If you’re anything like me, these months of dreary weather may leave you a little less than inspired. But the days of hiding behind a down coat are slowly inching to a close. While we can’t retire those extra layers just yet, we can give our wardrobes a little boost in preparation for the upcoming spring.

One of the best ways to upgrade your style is shopping for new pieces. When you are as cheap as me, however, you don’t want to sacrifice money for coffee runs or concert tickets just to look cute. But there is a way to have it all and more. And the magic key is called thrifting. Maybe you’re a little weary of the idea of wearing someone else’s old clothing. You may be thinking if they didn’t want it anymore why should you. Or maybe it’s the musty thrift store smell that is off-putting to you. But, you are doing yourself an utter disservice if you completely shrug off the idea of thrifting. There are so many gems hiding in the racks just waiting to have a new life. And with just a wash or two they are as good as new! (Plus: Bonus points from Mother Nature for shopping sustainably.)

In an effort to prove that you can upgrade your winter looks for dirt cheap AND stay on trend, the following outfits are all curated using pieces entirely purchased in thrift stores or off the sale racks. Special thanks to Andrew McCluskey, Charlott Gross, and Sophia Delmonte for modeling these looks. Most of the clothing items are my own or borrowed from my sister Sophia.

Without further adieu, let’s do this thing…


Look #1

Featured Trends: Puffer Jackets

Jacket: $4 Johnny Cake Center (thrifted)

Dress: $5 Goodwill (thrifted)

Scarf: $0.50 Johnny Cake Center (thrifted)

Total Cost: $9.50


Look #2

Featured Trends: Rainbow knits and faux furs

Knit Top: $12 Forever 21 (sale)

Coat: $24 Forever 21 (sale)

Earrings: $3 H&M (sale)

Pants: $20 TJ Maxx

Shoes: $60 Vans

Total Cost: $119


Look #3

Featured Trends: Camel Tones, Long Coats, White Boots, Flare Jeans

Trench coat: $12 Savers (thrifted)

Turtleneck Sweater: $25 H&M

Jeans: $7 Savers (thrifted)

Booties: $25 Urban Outfitters (sale)

Total Cost: $69


Look #4

Featured Trends: Denim on denim (aka the infamous Canadian Tux), Baker boy hats

Hat: $7 Forever 21

Button Down: $20 Provincetown Navy Store

Flare Jeans: $6 Goodwill (thrifted)

Purse: $3 Savers (thrifted)

Total Cost: $36


Look #5

Featured Trends: Pink and Red color combo, Cropped/Kick Flare plants, Long jackets

Outfit 1 (Left):

Red Sweater: $15 Primark

Pink Pants: $6 Goodwill (thrifted)

Total Cost: $21


Outfit 2 (Right):

Red Jacket: $39 Primark

Pink Sweater: $3 Primark (sale)


Look #6

Featured Trends: Metallic/Silver, Patterned socks/tights

Outfit 1 (Left in first image):

Dress: $1 Johnny Cake Center (thrifted)

Belt: $1 Johnny Cake Center (thrifted)

Star Printed Tights: $15 Calzedonna (thrifted)

Boots: $20 Primark

Total Cost: $37

Outfit 2 (Right in first image):

Metallic blouse: $13 Humana Vintage (thrifted)

Black tank: $12 Forever 21

Black Cropped Pants: $14 Primark

Ankle Star Print Socks: $1 Primark (sale)

Oxford Shoes: $20 Primark

Total Cost: $50


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