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Peter Rabbit Hops Into Trouble In New Movie

Everyone remembers Peter Rabbit, the childhood classic story that parents read to their children before bed. Whether you have heard about the stories or have actually read the books, Peter Rabbit has an impact on every person who reads the classic story. Well, now they have made a movie called Peter Rabbit, which tells the story of Peter Rabbit, along with his sisters, cousin and friends who try to get food from their neighbors’ garden.

Their neighbor, Mr. McGregor, (Sam Neil), has a feud with the rabbits who keep coming to eat his vegetables.  McGregor will do anything, even kill the intruders to stop the rabbits from entering his garden to eat his vegetables. Suddenly, Mr. McGregor passes away. His nephew, Thomas McGregor, (Domhnall Gleeson), a mean-spirited man that works for the famous Harrods in London, is notified of his Uncle’s passing. Thomas then moves into his Uncle’s former house, located in the country side, in the hopes of turning it into a toy store. Unfortunately, for McGregor, he has to deal with Peter Rabbit, (James Corden), Cottontail, (Daisy Ridley), Flopsy, (Margot Robbie),  Mopsy, (Elizabeth Debicki), and Benjamin Bunny, (Matt Lucas).  

The movie is about having to deal with unexpected change. Some people are so attached to where they live, but when something forces them to move they realize there’s more to life than the place they live in. We see that with McGregor who does not want to leave London; however, once he moves to the country side, he becomes a whole new person. Once he meets an animal lover by the name of Bea, (Rose Byrne), he realizes that rabbits and other animals aren’t as bad as he had thought.

It is a family movie because it shows many examples of family teamwork to achieve goals, even though it isn’t all positive. Overall, the movie shows heroism and courage in the character of Peter Rabbit, who acts on his gut feelings without really thinking before acting. In the end, he realizes what mistakes he has made and goes about fixing them.

Peter Rabbit hops into theaters on February 9th.  

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