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X Ambassadors’ Casey Harris Talks Tour and New Music

X Ambassadors have had a great impact on music with every song that they have released feel so far.  Hit songs like “Renegade,” and “Unsteady,” have dominated radio play for months now. With a new tour on the horizon and their new album dropping soon,  Voice writer, Will Heffernan, had the chance to interview keyboardist Casey Harris about future of the New York alternative rock band.

Q: “Joyful”, your recent single, has a very optimistic feeling yet it also has a sad feeling to it, what’s the main message behind the song? 

A: “Joyful” is really a song about finding light in the darkness.  When it seems like everything around you is going bad, or maybe you feel like you haven’t been a very good person, you can still find the simple joy of being alive in this world. 

Q: Speaking of new music, can we expect a new album soon? 

A: We’re actually just putting the final polishing touches on it right now. I can’t say exactly when it’ll be release, but it won’t be long, so keep an eye out. 

Q: You guys are embarking on your toon soon, what are somethings we can expect from the tour? 

A: There will definitely be a lot of new material on these upcoming tours. We’ll be playing a lot of the songs we’ve released over the past year and, of course, we’ve got a whole album of new tunes to play too.  We’ll do our best to keep some of our favorites from VHS in the set, but we’ve got a lot of new stuff to play for everybody. 

Q: You’ve been a band for a while now, what’s the secret behind writing songs like “Unsteady” and “Renegades” and do you think you have another hit song coming on the way soon? 

A: To be honest, the key to songwriting is just, songwriting.  I mean, just do it as often as humanly possible, and like anything else, practice makes perfect.  We tend to just write all the time, both at home and on tour, so we crank out material.  Then we pick the ones we think are the best, put them out there and see what people think. 

Q: A lot of your songs are in popular television shows, what’s that like to hear your songs in so many shows and movies? 

A: We’ve been very lucky to have our music placed in a lot of TV shows, and even a couple movies.  I’d even go so far as to say that’s how we’ve gotten a lot of our big breaks as a band.  In fact, the whole chain of events that lead to us getting signed and putting out VHS was started by a radio DJ hearing our song Litost on a show and liking it enough to put in on the radio. 

Q: What’s your favorite song to perform on tour? 

A: My favorite song to play live changes from night to night.  It really depends on the crowd and what they’re feeling, and the vibe of the show in general.  Unsteady is usually a really amazing moment though. A lot of the time the crowd is singing so loud that Sam stops singing and just lets them carry the whole chorus. 

Q: What was the experience like collaborating with Bebe Rexha and Machine Gun Kelly like? And how did the Eminem collaboration come to be? 

A: Believe it or not, the Bebe and MGK collab was done entirely via e-mail. Likewise, with the Eminem track, and we’ve actually done this with a few different artists in the past. It’s always a bit like magic. We send bits and pieces back and forth, and then all of a sudden, there’s a track! The internet has really revolutionized modern songwriting and we’re super proud to have been a part of both these projects. 

Q: What are you looking forward to most about this tour? 

A: It may sound corny, but I’m really just excited to play for people again. We had all of the holidays and most of January, so I’m just itching to entertain people again, and to just play. 

X Ambassadors will be in Boston at the House of Blues on February 18th, you can get your tickets here:

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