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Rolling Out the Dough

Picture this: You’re scrolling through your twitter feed, reading yet another one of our President’s tweets (pretending you didn’t just read what you read), scrolling past another meme or two, and you stop to listen to the low rumble of your gnawing hunger. Ah yes, another cooking video. This is the content we like to see. A subtle grimace takes over your lips and before you know it, you’re craving whatever the heck was on that cooking video.


Sound familiar? Of course it does. I am often guilty of this phenomenon as I assume many of my readers are, too.


Before the holiday break, I had the chance to spend the weekend at home with my dog, brothers and parents before flying down to Texas to visit some extended family for winter break. My littlest brother, Cebastian, was heartbroken to find out I would not be spending the holidays with him. In efforts to make up for the tears, the entire weekend prior to break was filled with Christmas activities such as making gingerbread houses, cookie baking, decorating, drinking hot chocolate, and even some snowball fights. He calls this weekend our “Fake Christmas”.


During Fake Christmas, I had a chance to try out a few fun twitter recipes. One of my little brother’s favorites is the “Holiday Log”. It is a basic sugar cookie recipe but this is not your ordinary sugar cookie. This cookie had all the bells and whistles you can think of; spirals, sprinkles, sparkles, and a bit of food coloring.

Sugar Swirl Cookies Video


My cookies didn’t come out as aesthetically pleasing as the ones in the video did, but you know what? A six year old’s heart, soul, and laughter went into those cookies so they’re perfect. I may or may not have accidentally burned some of them in the first batch, because I may or may not have forgotten them in the oven and may or may not have started a small fire in my house (sorry Parents- Cebastian and I covered that up very well). Nevertheless, the cookies were a hit!

Although mine were a holiday red and green theme, a sporty red and blue for our favorite football team or a festive pink and red for Galentine’s day would surely bring just as much excitement.


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