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Welcome To “Finals” Week

Wow, would you just look at the time? Even though I’d rather not remind any of you or myself of this, but finals are approaching at us like a freight train on its tracks. They will hit just as hard as one, too, adding only more stress to our already stressful daily lives. We’ve been through this before: whether in high school or in college, but that doesn’t numb nor take away the pain of this awful experience we all must endure at the end of each semester: finals week.

Even though we tend to call it one week, this “week” tends to bleed into the weeks ahead of it, creating one monstrous finals “week”. Projects, presentations, and essays galore follow the weeks beforehand, running us over before we even get to the caboose of this train where all the “finals” actually happen. Throughout the year, you might notice how the workload for each class tends to waver, becoming heavier and lighter by a weekly schedule. And at this point, you definitely realize how the workload grows pretty intense around finals week.

But, why is that? How come we tend to get assigned more work that weighs more on our grades and GPA all at the same time like this? I’m sure I am not the only one struggling here to keep up with everything. As soon as you finish with one thing and think it is the end of it, there’s always one more thing to be done. As someone who juggles going to work and school, I can’t help but feel a lot of pressure and stress. With all of this happening like one big juggling act, I notice that I hardly have anytime for my social life. Which then adds into the whole stress and pressure thing. See where I am going with this?

Some of us can be pretty lucky at times. Sometimes life works out in wonderful ways where a professor goes easy on the students during this horrible time in our school year. I know that there are some professors who, low key, don’t “give a final”. They tend to give other assignments beforehand to pretty much makeup for lack of an exam, which is fine by me. No final is fine as long as the work that I have to do is manageable in some way, shape, or form. Even if that means needing to finish it in one night (only if it ends up being that way, because of the rest of the work I have to do). There are some professors who understand that the more work they give to students, the more work they would need to grade. These professors tend to give out not much work and tend to have donuts or something ready for their students on the last day of classes.

But there are some professors who do not seem to care about all the stuff they will need to grade. They tend to be happy with handing out exams, papers, presentations and everything else, even before a final exam. I’m not sure what makes them want to do that, other than they might have to do that. But, still… why? You were most-likely a student before, why not go a little easy on us?

Beside all the actually finals that we will be going through, but let’s not forget the main reason why we go through this tough time: winter break. The glorious pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but imagine this rainbow being made out of students’ tears. Without these long breaks from our academic life, I think I would go insane. So though this can be some of the toughest times through our education, we must go through and bare them to reach our goal of total relaxation. Good luck to all students finishing up all this work! And even good luck to the professor’s grading all the work that must be endured. We can do this!

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