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Post Malone Rocks Suffolk University

(Picture credit: Veronica Neto)


As I stood outside Tremont street in the freezing cold, surrounded by classmates and peers, every one of us shivering with both anticipation and the beginnings of hypothermia, we were all ready to see a rock star.


Most consider Austin Richard Post, now Post Malone, a rapper—but his musical talent ranges from rap, to guitar, to vocal work. He truly is a one of a kind in a genre full of individuals. Post Malone started his meteoric rise to the top of the charts beginning with “White Iverson”. His first hit garnered attention from Kanye West and Justin Bieber who he collaborated with on later hits. In the span of 10 months from August 2015 to May 2016, Post Malone went from an so-called “soundcloud rapper” to international phenomenon, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel in June of 2016.


This is the man we all came to see. Post Malone, one of the hottest rappers of the past two years was here at Suffolk University and we were all chomping at the bit to see him perform.


One you entered the venue, you notice screens that usually show ads for various alcohols or clubs were covered in large pictures of Post with the tag line “Suffolk SGA Presents: Post Malone.” On the stage, the same emblem was emblazoned large on the projector behind the instruments and microphones. The pre-show music was bumping thanks to the extremely talented DJ’ing of Joe Benjamin. Suffolk University was really putting on a performance for Post Malone.


As students and guests filled into the venue, the feeling was electric. People were dancing, laughing, talking with friends overall having a fantastic time and it wasn’t even eight o’clock yet. I was able to weasel my way three or four rows back and into a tightly packed area but I had a great view of the stage so I didn’t mind the lack of breathing room. And there I waited for Post Malone.


The lights dimmed. People cheered and out came not Post Malone but Suffolk’s own band “The Common”. They proceeded to steal the show. Opening with a personal favorite “The Joker and the Thief” originally performed by Wolfmother, Olivia Lowe put all of us to shame with fantastic vocals and an energy that couldn’t be topped. The Common continued on through their set with jam after jam and blew us all away. Kane Harper’s vocals in the cover of “Sex on Fire” originally performed by Kings of Leon had me actually believe it was Caleb Followill on stage. The Common is filled with talented musicians from top to bottom and I look forward to seeing them perform at the next Suffolk University function or event because they deserved every second that they had up on that stage.


To follow up that performance Post Malone came out with the pomp and circumstance of a WWE Wrestler. Music was blasting, the crowd was losing their minds, and there he was swagger walking out in front of a room full of rabid fans ready to see the brightest star in the industry. He introduced himself as Austin Richard Post and then took off like a rocket.  He opened with a tribute to the late rapper Lil Pump with a heartfelt rendition of his song “Too Young.” He then proceeded to play his hits while taking in the energy we were all giving out. He acted like a rock star with a carefree attitude. At one point he lit up a cigarette; after he said “They told me not to do this in here but f*ck it”. This sums up the whole night— this avant-garde attitude that he portrays took over the crowd and melted away the stress and anxiety of impending finals and end of semester stress.


Post Malone gave us what we wanted and needed: a night out to enjoy and let loose before everything closes in on us. He is the ultimate feel-good artist with upbeat songs and catchy verses about  feeling good, letting loose, and enjoying life. The concert ended with his hit off his most recent album “Congratulations”. The song ended, we left the venue, and entered back into the cold night. We had just witnessed a rock star.

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