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Brendan North Interview

You might know Logan Paul, one of the biggest YouTuber’s in the world right now. With over twenty million followers on social media, Logan Paul is taking over the world with his Maverick clothing line but he isn’t doing it alone. Without this person, there would be no clear pictures on each VLOG or insane pictures on Logan Paul’s Instagram—and it’s all thanks to Brendan North. Brendan North is the talented camera man for Logan Paul from Duxbury MA. Brendan North is helping the “Logang” become one of the strongest fanbases in the world. Brendan North is also working on his own clothing line that will be announced soon. Recently Brendan North had his first meet up at Faneuil Hall on Black Friday and The Suffolk Voice had the chance to chat with him about his start with photography and how he met Logan Paul.

Q: How did you and Logan Paul meet?

A: Logan and I, funny story, we actually met in the first two weeks of me moving to Los Angeles, last year. We met at a bar, I introduced myself for the first time, told him I was a photographer. He was like “Oh yeah, that’s dope. He gets approached by thousands of people saying they’re photographers, videographers, all that, and he told me to email him. I did and he actually responded saying that my work was dope and that he’d get around to using me at some point if he had anything. It went another nine months of no communication, I was doing my own thing, I was building my own social media, building my portfolio, shooting with everybody I could and eventually my stuff started to catch fire and more and more people wanted to shoot with me. The names kept getting bigger and the accounts got bigger and eventually I started shooting for all of his friends, specifically George Janko and he reintroduced me to Logan. Then I made a few videos for him after that, he liked them, hired me as a full time videographer in May, so I’ve been doing that for the last six months.”

Q: What’s the process of every video? Is each video planned the day before?

A: “The ones that are planned are normally our best because we can start early and finish early and it can be very direct. A lot of the time we wake up in the morning having no idea what the video is going to be, those are the long days. Those are the wake up at 10 am, finish at one in the morning  days. Normally we try to have them planned out, we have to have our, what we say, “title click bait thumb nail,” what’s our thing for the day? Is Logan going to get a car? Is that the big thing? Is there a merch drop? Are we doing something with Kong? You know something like that. There always has to be a thing and if we can center something around the big event then the VLOG gets a lot easier.”

Q: How did you start photography?

A: “So I went to George Washington University for the full four years, studying international affairs and environmental science so that’s something that I really care about. I picked up a camera my senior year of college and I met a wedding photographer out in D.C., showed her my iPhone photography and she was actually the one that encouraged me to pursue it a little bit more and she taught me the basics. I went over to her house a couple times and shot with her and her friends. From there I just kind of took it on my own, watched YouTube videos, read a couple of photography books and just went out every single day with my camera, shot random people in the street. When I moved to L.A. I reached out to new people on Instagram, messaging them, emailing them, and learned a little bit more every shoot.”

Q: What’s one thing you miss about Boston the most?

A: “My sister is standing right next to me. I really do miss my family, it’s hard being all the way across the country from them. There’s something familiar about being in this city, it still feels like home. LA is so big, so spread out, everybody feels so far apart from each other, where as when you’re in Boston, you feel like you’re just surrounded by good people, it’s just a cozier city.”

Make sure to follow Brendan North on Instagram so you can check out his pictures, and who knows, he might do another meet up when he’s back home in Boston so make sure you keep checking his Instagram for more news.

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