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The Celtics Finally Drop Third Game of the Season

The Celtics Finally Drop Third Game of the Season

Yes, you read that correctly, the Celtics have finally lost another game, their first loss since October 18th against the Milwaukee Bucks. The past five weeks have been filled with plenty of emotion and plenty of comebacks. We have seen the potential this team has while also seeing where they need to improve. Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown are just a few who have impressed. Brad Stevens looks like the frontrunner for Coach of the Year and Danny Ainge seems to have built a legitimate contender. Yup, the past 16 games have been a ton of fun, and I thought I would highlight the best thing that happened in each game. Here we go…


Win #1: 102-92 over the 76ers

Shane Larkin’s 4th Quarter


Win #2: 110-89 over the Knicks

Jaylen Brown’s 21st Birthday


Win #3: 96-89 over the Bucks

Al Horford vs. The Greek Freak


Win #4: 96-90 over the Heat

Kyrie’s 4th Quarter


Win #5: 108-94 over the Spurs

Terry Rozier’s 4th Quarter Flurry


Win #6: 113-86 over the Kings
Jaylen Brown’s Efficient Shooting


Win #7: 101-94 over the Thunder
Kyrie’s 22 Second Half Points


Win #8: 104-88 over the Magic
Jaylen Brown’s 18 Points


Win #9: 110-107 over the Hawks

Kyrie’s 35 and Jayson Tatum’s 21


Win #10: 107-96 over the Lakers
Aron Baynes’ 21 Piece


Win #11: 90-87 over the Hornets

Terry’s 15 Off the Bench


Win #12: 95-94 over the Raptors
Al Horford’s Return From Two-Game Absence


Win #13: 109-102 over the Nets
The Reintroduction of Masked Kyrie


Win #14: 92-88 over the Warriors

Jaylen Brown’s Awe-inspiring Performance


Win #15: 110-99 over the Hawks
Kyrie and Jaylen’s Combined 57 Point Performance


Win #16: 110-102 over the Mavericks
Kyrie’s 47 Point Herculean Effort


Well, that’s that. The fifth longest winning streak in franchise history is over, which means it’s time to start another one. The Celtics will get their first chance to start a new streak when they host the Orlando Magic for the first time this season later on tonight.

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