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Comics Come Home 2017

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For the last twenty-three years, The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Cure has been raising money to cure cancer by putting on a show once every year called Comics Come Home. Comics Come Home was started by the actor Denis Leary and Cam Neely, and for the past twenty-three years he has been gathering world- renowned comedians to come together on the special night to create laughter and raise money for a good cause. This year, Denis Leary gathered comedians such as Juston McKinney, Jared Freid, Lil Rel Howery, Mo Amer, Jeff Ross, legendary Boston local Lenny Clarke, Robert Kelly, and the host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon. The show has raised over $10.5 million after the 2017 show towards the Cam Neely Foundation to cure cancer.

Denis Leary kicked off the line up by performing a song that poked fun at President Trump as well as himself. Another highlight included Lenny Clarke, who made the audience laugh by poking fun at how bad Boston drivers are and how traffic is always slow for silly things. Mo Amer was a stand out as well. Amer poked fun at himself and his race because of the current president. Some comedians might have taken it a little too far, like Jeff Ross who brought audience members on stage to do a quick roast session, and some of the roasts were over the line and somewhat offensive.

The main act that everyone was waiting for was Jimmy Fallon. The legendary host of The Tonight Show poked fun at the fact that Bostonians take insults, such as the famous term “Masshole”, as compliments. Fallon also made fun of the fact that the Boston Aquarium is between the Harbor and a Legal Sea Foods, stating that it’s a big tease to the fish by saying, “Guys! It could be better in the harbor, but at least we aren’t on a plate at Legal Sea Foods.”

In an interview that The Suffolk Voice did with Fallon before the show, Fallon talked about how he keeps his show so fresh with all the late-night shows on television now. Fallon said, “You got to keep reinventing, trying new stuff, things that work, things that don’t work. We just got to keep doing stuff and trying new things because once you get complacent, it just doesn’t work. You can tell, the audience can tell, you don’t feel like it’s fun. We’re always doing something different and it feels fresh to me and I love it. Also, I’m a fan of pop culture so movies, TV, music, I really am a fan myself so I’m the most overly entertained person. Every night it’s a different band, a different comedian, different celebrity and it’s really exciting.”

Jimmy Fallon also had a lip sync battle with Denis Leary. Fallon lip synced to “Jump Around” by the band House of Pain. Fallon got the crowd jumping for sure but it wasn’t enough because Denis Leary lip synced to “We Are the Champions” by the legendary Queen. Leary had a video play on the screen showing all of Boston’s victories, saving the best for last which was Tom Brady holding the super bowl trophy for 2017. Leary and Fallon then performed “Walk This Way” by Boston’s own Aerosmith and the audience was in for a surprise. John Mayer came out half way through the fun performance playing guitar.

Overall, the laughter-filled night was one to remember for those who attended. Every joke, even though it was poking fun at touchy subjects, was meant to lift spirits and distract everyone from the negativity in life and every comedian did just that.

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