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Thoughts Of Changing My Major

Now that Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I will be seeing a lot of my family, which is inevitable, I guarantee I (and lots of other college students) will get that famous question: “How’s school? What are you thinking about doing after you graduate?” A little background about me: I’m currently a double major here at Suffolk, in Applied Legal Studies and Broadcast Journalism. I plan on going to law school and then taking the Bar Exam, probably somewhere down south. When people ask me what I want to do with the education I usually say that I want to be an attorney, with the side note that I love to write and follow current news stories and that my journalism major is a backup that could potentially give me more job options in the future. I also, however, have a passion for politics. I try to follow the news constantly, from several sources. My friends and I often have conversations about politics, all of us having very different opinions. I tend to fall on a more conservative spectrum; I am not a registered Republican, but my views are generally more conservative than liberal.

Most of my friends and family know this about me, and a lot of the times I’m asked if I still would want to get involved in law or journalism, or even politics, because of my political opinions. It’s a fair question; the media is constantly being attacked as “fake news.” Our laws are often called “out of date” and most people have plenty of assumptions about Republicans and conservatives. Knowing my thoughts, a lot of people assume I love our current president, I’m against gay marriage, and (my favorite) I must love Fox News. These generalizations about me are mostly false and exaggerated. However, I can understand where they might come from. Most of the people who represent conservatives and those in our government who are Republican, are against gay marriage. They are against any form of gun control, and yes, Fox News is a very conservative news outlet. This isn’t true for every Republican or conservative person. And it’s the way those in our current government go about saying and doing these things that I feel is ruining the Republican brand.

A few examples: Senator Roy Moore, who has recently been accused of sexual assault, decided to tweet at Mitch McConnell, who rightfully so, thinks Moore should step out of politics. Moore has yet to give any evidence that these accusations are false, but he has time to immaturely tweet at a fellow who politician who, like many other Republicans, thinks he should step aside? Twitter is also pretty popular for President Trump, which I think speaks for itself. We have politicians who think that sending “thoughts and prayers” to shooting victims will solve the problem. We have a Democratic side who wants to impeach our current president, and a Republican side who, for the most part, can’t decide if they back President Trump or not. With these examples and a few more, I can’t say that lately I’ve been too proud to admit that I’m conservative, but I refuse to let our current political climate to turn me away from doing what I want to do with my life.

I’m a 20 year old college student who realizes that life today is MUCH different than when these politicians were my age. Times change, and it’s something they have yet to admit. I think this is why I’m so determined to stay on the track I plan on taking. I want to be someone who isn’t afraid to bring some fresh changes to the current Republican brand while still keeping some ideals the same. It needs to be modernized and it needs more people who are willing to listen, willing to change their thoughts to compromise, and willing to understand that this world is constantly changing. We can’t keep everything the same as it was 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. Too many things have changed since then to do that. If we were a little more open to change, it would be much easier to reach across the aisle and compromise with the other side. I agree that everyone has the right to own a gun, but some new laws need to be created so the wrong people don’t have access to guns. I’m all for immigrants coming to America, but only if they do it legally. No, I don’t think universal healthcare should exist, but we can’t just force those who currently have it to drop it. I don’t think the minimum wage should be increased. I think veteran’s right are being neglected while they shouldn’t be.

So to answer the question of whether or not I’ll change my major or my career path, the answer is no. The current political world we live in is only going to make me more determined than ever to get my voice heard. And if you’re reading this and considering a different path because things are strained right now, I hope you don’t change your mind. I hope you know you have a right to get your voice heard whether people agree with you or not. The world needs more people who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. I, for sure, will continue to do that.

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