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Angus & Julia Stone At The Royale

Monday night I walked into the Royale with a heavy heart. A full day of classes and meetings had me tired. I picked up my (cash only) $5 UFO white beer, and made my way to the front for the much anticipated Angus and Julia Stone. The crowd was filled the usual Bostonians for their Monday night drinks; high pitched laughs and smiles that could stretch across the sticky floor. However, tonight was meant for the true fans of the band. The folk indie band created in 2006 released their fourth studio album Snow back in September and Boston was the first stop on their US tour. The band is most famously known for their soft sounds and their 2010 hit “Big Jet Plane.” Most recently they’ve made the Indie Spotify Playlists with “Chateau” off Snow.

9:15 came along quick while the audiences watched the lights go low. Julia Stone graced the stage with her floral print red dress while Angus Stone kept his long hair tucked in a hat. Voices around me questioned “are they married?” Not soon after the Stone’s introduced themselves as brother and sister, and I swear for a moment spilled half their drinks due to shock.

“Baudelaire” was their opener. Julia’s tiny voice echoed through the mic reaching those at the back bar. The dreamy tones matched their set of forests and mountains climbing behind them. “Make It Out Alive” started with Angus’ spoken words and Julia following with her gracious voice. The audience is then taken back to the direct reality of “Cellar Door” and “Hearts Beats Slow.” I watched the audience sway back and forth, even a man throwing continuous peace signs to the band that had the brother and sister duo smiling.

If I could explain “Chateau” as a song I would say it’s a song that you can listen to wherever, whenever. Walking down the street in the rain? Throw it on. Hanging out with your best friends on a Thursday drinking wine? Please embarrass yourself and have a dance off. Everyone in the Royale were already dancing to the first beats of the song. “We can go to the Chateau Marmont and dance in the hotel room” was repeated over and over by their fans. It was a collective community effort, and I totally enjoyed it.

Angus and Julia Stone continued their folk steps with “Private Lawns,” “Who Do You Think You Are,” and “Nothing Else.” I think what makes the band special is the effort to create these unearthly sounds while keeping everyone attentive. Julia’s voice is never dull and to add onto she plays the trumpet? I mean, you go girl.

I anticipated all night for “Big Jet Plane.” I remember listening to it on my old iPhone as a freshman in high school, and here I was, a senior in college hearing it for the first time live as a senior in college. The siblings politely asked with their quiet voices for us to sing along, which I did to the best of my ability with my mid November cough.

“My House Your House” and “Snow” were the songs to exit our night with the band. Although Julia and Angus didn’t say throughout the concert to keep the focus on the music, they ended their set with thanks to their bandmates and to Boston. “The first show of the US tour, thank you Boston,” said Julia as she swirled on stage to her face her brother.

I know it cliche to say, but Angus and Julia Stone stay true to their roots. I was not disappointed. What I’ve heard through my headphones throughout the years is an exact match to what I heard on that stage on Monday. Cheers to you Angus and Julia, make more music, and hope to see you soon; maybe even at the Chateau Marmont.

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