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A New Hope For Hollywood

It has been made rather clear that the year 2017 has had major ups and downs. One major problem that has finally risen to the surface: sexual harassment within Hollywood. Many of the celebrities we know and love are a part of this ordeal, whether they are the victim or they are the culprit.

How could this be occurring with the people we adore? Why would our favorite stars ever do something like that? How are some of them getting away with it? Well, the simple answer goes as follows: just because they are celebrities does not defeat the fact that they are human beings, too. Let’s face it, as a society we have given these people power over us because they are talented individuals. We believe that they are better than us, thus making us believe that they are, in a sense, superhuman or godly. That usually everything they do is perfect and even their small flaws almost seem flawless.

Trust me, I had several stages in life where I completely obsessed over and adored celebrities. When I was 13, I was really into the Twilight movie series, obsessing over the sparkly vampires and manly werewolves (yes, I know, cringy). And let us not forget the glorious boyband phase where I was so in love with Niall Horan that my young, teenaged brain had me going crazy. Seriously. I felt crazy.

Though we believe these people have little to no faults, that does not mean that they are not bad people nor they as amazing as they make themselves out to be. Just because they play an amazingly charming, sweet, and witty character we love, does not mean that they are that character we love. Just because they can sing really well doesn’t mean they cannot use their voice to threaten someone after sexual harassing them. This also does not mean that celebrities are immune to, or above, what happens to some “regular” people, such as rape and harassment.

Even if that is the case, what is scary is the power celebrities have, even over one another. In 2016, there was the Kesha vs Dr. Luke case where the latter, who was her executive producer at the time, was guilty of sexual assault, sexual harassment. Dr. Luke had allegedly drugged and assaulted the singer twice, and made threats against her and her family. If she spoke of the incidents, her reputation and career would be at stake.

Yet, she is only one of many victims and he is only one of many culprits. More recently, there have been people coming out and talking about their own cases, where they have been harassed or assaulted by celebrities we once thought the world of. Is this shocking? Yes, it is pretty new hearing celebrities going through something like this. But, is it surprising? Hm, not really.

When you give it a thought, you realize that people in Hollywood are trained to act, to appear a certain way, and the perpetrators are in a position and have the money to make the victims not come forward. They have the power and the ability to take away from those who are beneath them.

Slowly, however, the people we admire are taking a step forward. Though these cases are horrifying and sad, there may be a silver lining. Since there are many who look up to those famous; “regular” people like us who are victims might not feel so ashamed to do as they do. I think that with celebrities taking a stand, so will the people who admire them. Victims would no longer feel afraid to step forward. This might be just what victims of sexual harassment and assault needed in order to break from the chains their abuser had built, this is their new hope.

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