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Alex Aiono Interview

You might know Alex Aiono. His You Tube channel has gathered over an astonishing 651 million views. Aiono released his first single on his first major label with Inters cope Records back in February 2017, titled “Work the Middle.” Aiono just released his smash hit “Does It Feel Like Falling” on September 8th. Aiono is about to embark on a tour with Trinidad Cardona in America, early in 2018, making stops in New York City, Philadelphia, PA and Boston, MA. Aiono is a must see as his music has a very throw-back feel to it, especially the 2017 summer jam, “Hot2Touch.” Alex Aiono will be performing in Boston on January 21st at Paradise Rock Club. The Suffolk Voice had the chance to talk with Alex Aiono before heading out on his tour.

Q: Talk about “Does It Feel Like Falling,” what’s the message behind it?

A: I’ve listened to love songs since I was a kid and a lot of them are about amazing feelings of falling in love with somebody. Recently I went through a situation with a girl where I thought it was all rainbows and butterflies and then I woke up one day after a couple months of talking with her and it just wasn’t there anymore. I wanted a song that was kind of the realty of falling in love I guess, which is sometimes you love somebody and they don’t love you back, sometimes you love somebody but you’re too afraid to tell them, sometimes it comes at you when you’re not expecting it, sometimes you want it to happen so badly but it doesn’t come. Does it feel like falling to me is about that, it has lyrics “cause it goes so fast when you’re going down, all you feel is a crash, it’s like lighting striking the ground,” but then sometimes it’s not there tomorrow, the stars that are in the sky. It’s kind of a big mix of all different ways that people fall in and out of love.

Q: What are you most excited for about the upcoming tour?

A: I’m excited to be back out on the road. We finished the tour with Sabrina Carpenter and it was so great and I got to meet a ton of fans. I’m just excited that I get to go out and play a full set of whatever it will end up being, an hour and a half or whatever and I just get to be with the fans and play new music, play all of my classic covers, and just have a great time. I love being out in the crowd with the fans.

Q: How do you make your covers original and unique?

A: I think the biggest thing to my covers, which has nothing to do with music, it’s just purely about how I make my videos, is that I just like to have fun, I’m just sitting here working on my video that I’ll post later today and I just laugh and I have fun. I enjoy the process of actually making the videos themselves. I don’t know if that has anything to do with why they’ve had the viewers that they’ve had or why the success of the videos has been. I think because I have so much fun whatever makes the videos amazing just comes out naturally because I’m not dreading to do a video or mad that I have to make a You Tube video.

Q: You have done a lot musically this year, what would be one song that you’re most proud of?

A: I would definitely narrow it down to the originals. As much as I love making covers and as much as I love the covers that I’ve made so far and continue to make, nothing is as gratifying to me as an original song coming out and releasing one. Between “Work the Middle,” “Question,” even “Hot2Touch,” that I released with Felix Jaehn and “Does It Feel Like Falling,” I’m so happy with them because there’s a doorway to my original music and though the sound is continuingly changing it’s always going to be real to who I am and have those raw feelings and emotions so I am just excited for the fans to continue hearing that.

Q: Do you have any new music coming on the way?

A: We’re always working on new music, whether it’s an album or an EP, just more singles. There’s definitely more music coming out.

Q: As the year winds down, what’s one thing you hope to accomplish before the 2018?

A: One more thing that I want to accomplish? Man, it’s been such a crazy year already. I want to finish moving into a house that I moved into at the beginning of the year so I want to finish refurbishing it. I also want to go out on more dates, I don’t feel like I got out on enough dates so I want to go out on more dates for the rest of the year. I don’t want to set a number but I just want to go out on more dates.

Q: You’ve done a lot this year, what’s one of the most memorable moments for you?

A: I think the biggest thing to me is that I love the process of everything. I love the actual journey of what’s going on, so there’s so many amazing points and stops, like you said with the Sabrina Carpenter tour or Arthur Ashe Kids Day or even the beginning of the year when I went on tour with William Singe who’s one of my best friends. There’s so many amazing points that we got to but like when I think about highlights, for me outside of the shows it’s really the hours that we spent driving to each of the venues and the jokes that I made with my team and all of the time that I spent with my family and waking up at 6AM and being super tired and not wanting to wake up but I had to wake up because I had to go workout. Those kinds of things to me are so stuck in my head just because those are the moments I look back and think to myself, I really worked really hard so that I could play those shows, so that I could be on those tours or go to Arthur Ashe Kids Day.

Q: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

A: Ya, definitely more of my music that’s coming out now and that I’m working on has a lot of throwback vibes to them, it’s got that 80/90’s vibe to it. Growing up I definitely listening to older R&B and soul music like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Lauren Hill, John Legend. I listened to a lot of soul music growing up and so that obviously changed as I got older and I started listening to alternative music and Rock N’ Roll even more rap and more current soul music. My musical tastes are all over which is cool because I think everybody is always shifting to different types of music and everyone is a little bit more open minded to different styles of music which is also really fun. It’s also great cause it influenced a bunch of different sounds to come out of me as an artist.

Alex Aiono went on stating his excitement for the upcoming year, “I’m just excited to close out this year and get back out on the road in January.”

Keep an eye out for his new covers that he posts frequently, and make sure to check him out on tour when he comes to a city near you. For more information on tickets check out his website;

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