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Nick Fradiani Interview

Nick Fradiani, the winner of the 14th of season of American Idol has just released a new album titled Where We Left Off. The album as a whole is a very nostalgic piece making you reminisce about past events and about loved ones. Nick Fradiani is currently in the middle of a tour and will be touring with a band called The Alternate Routes. On December 21st Nick Fradiani will play at the City Winery in Boston MA, which will be his last show on the tour, making it even more special. The Suffolk Voice recently had the chance to talk with Nick Fradiani about his tour and album.

Q: What is the message behind Where We Left Off?

A: The overall message is, where we left off.  We wanted to get back to my roots of where I came from. It was nice to make this album because I finally had creative control over it and you can finally hear my voice on the album.

Q: What experiences inspired the album?

A: A lot, we released Hurricane in 2016 and since then I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in the music industry and wanted to come back where I was from with this album.

Q: The music video for “I’ll Wait For You” is so stripped down and simple, something hard to see in music videos now a days. What inspired that music video?

A: Basically this was my first independent music video so I had to think of ideas where I wouldn’t drop a bunch of money on a video. I didn’t want to do the typical guy leaves girl or girl leaves guy thing, but instead a dog and a soldier and the soldier coming back to his dog after being deployed. It took us two days to film. I had so much more control over this video versus what type of control over videos I had in the past.

Q: What’s your favorite song off this album?

A: It changes a lot. “I Wait For You” it felt really good when we wrote it. My band and I think that “Outlaw” is the best song to perform live. Those two are my personal favorite.

Q: What has been the most memorable moment on this tour so far?

A: The last few shows were. I think towards the end, when Tom Petty died, me and the band that I am on tour with, The Alternate Routes, pair up together to perform “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” and it’s been really cool to perform with that band.

Q: What were your thoughts when American Idol announced that it was returning to television?

A: When we were at the finale the producers kind of told everyone don’t say goodbye and it made us think that it would come back in maybe ten years, after it had a break and time to breathe. When they announced that only after a year of being off air I was surprised by how quickly they announced, but I am excited to see how it will be different and how the new judges will work together.

Q: Since winning American Idol what has been the coolest moment for you?

A: So many. Performing with One Republic, getting to meet Steven Tyler, getting to perform with Rob Thomas. I performed with Jason Mraz. There have been so many experiences that I couldn’t write them down if I had time to.

Q: What are you most excited for about having your last show in Boston?

A: I love Boston, I went to school in Massachusetts and I did a lot of stuff with the radio station, Mix104.1. I actually never had my own show in the center of Boston so this will be my first show in the City of Boston. Since it’s a while a way there might be new music that I will perform for the crowd as well as cool covers.

Make sure you get your tickets to see Nick Fradiani at the City Winery before they sell out. Tickets can be found at Check out his new album Where We Left Off available on iTunes now and stay up to date with Nick Fradiani by following him on social media.

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