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LBJ movie review

John F. Kennedy, JFK, was sworn in as the 35th President of the United States, in January 1961.  JFK was loved by so many people and was shockingly and tragically assassinated in November 1963. After the devastating tragedy, Lyndon B Johnson, LBJ, was sworn in as the 36th President in a hospital room, where he was rushed for shelter after the shooting of JFK. The new movie, LBJ tells us the story of what it was like for LBJ after taking office. LBJ was not very popular with the American citizens, and clearly not with JFK’s younger brother, Bobby Kennedy. The movie shows the struggles that LBJ faced inside the White House. Although he wasn’t popular with many of the insiders he persevered and managed to get a lot of things done as president.

Woody Harrelson portrays LBJ in the movie. Harrelson does a tremendous job of showing the struggles LBJ experienced while achieving his important tasks. LBJ is a documentary type film that shows us all the aspects of LBJ dealing with JFK’s death while juggling and managing to be the president of the United States.

Other cast members are Jennifer Jason Leigh who portrays LBJ’s wife, Lady Bird Johnson. Bill Pullman portrays Senator Ralph Yarborough. Richard Jenkins portrays Senator Richard Russell. Kim Allen portrays Jacqueline Kennedy. Michael Stahl-David portrays Robert F. Kennedy (Bobby Kennedy). Jeffrey Donovan portrays John F. Kennedy. All of the actors successfully portray each of their characters so as it seems you are actually watching the very people on screen. The movie itself has been compared to the movies: Lincoln as well as Jackie. It is a similar movie to Jackie, in the sense that it shows the point of view of an important figure dealing with JFK’s assassination. It is also similar to the movie Lincoln in that it shows a President living and dealing with the immense struggles of their times.

LBJ is well-put together and informative. It clearly shows the impact of JFK’s death on the American people and the world.


LBJ is in theaters on November 3rd.

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