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Jack & Jack concert review

You might know Jack & Jack. They began on Vine and eventually gained enough followers and fans to make music become their career. The band consists of Jack Gilinsky, who mostly sings, and Jack Johnson who raps. The duo has since gone on to create some pretty big hits for the younger generation. One song is “Beg,” which is their current single and their first to be signed with a label.

Jack & Jack are currently on tour performing in several cities. An artist called Olivia O’Brien is joining Jack & Jack for the first and last parts of the tour, while a band called Prettymuch will perform with them for middle of the tour.

Their show in Boston at the House of Blues was definitely a crowd energizer. The dynamic duo got the crowd of a few hundred-people moving and jumping to their music as if it weren’t a Monday night, but instead a Friday night before vacation. A few notable songs included “Tide,” which is a motivational song about getting knocked down and getting back up on your feet again with the help of someone. Another song they performed was the classic Beatles tune “Come Together,” which they mashed with another song called “Redone.” It was nice to hear them perform “Come Together” to an audience that might not listen to that music. To see them take advantage of the stage and perform a classic song to a younger crowd was nice. To end the show, they performed a mega fan favorite called “Like That.”

Overall the show was well put together and got the crowd jumping and singing along with Jack & Jack. The energy and stage presence were perfect as Jack & Jack moved from each side of the stage, making sure not to miss any section of the crowd. The crowd’s response was to scream so loud that at points it was louder than the music.

The duo is touring through mid-December. Check their website for more information on tickets and their tour.

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  • dm

    how long did the concert last? i bought tickets and don’t know what time i need to tell my parents to get a ride home


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