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Cade interview

Cade Larson is a young talented musician who mainly creates electronic music. Cade, his stage name, has gone on to create well known music such as “Care,” a song that has become frequently used in famous YouTubers’ vlogs.. His unique sound and style makes him stand out among other DJ’s and electronic musicians. Cade has shared the stage with Gavin DeGraw, Before You Exit, Jacob Whitesides and some of his YouTube videos have reached up to nineteen million views. Back in January 2015 Cade released his debut EP which charted #55 on the iTunes Pop Chart. Cade just finished his tour with Cheat Codes in Chicago. The Suffolk Voice had the chance to interview Cade in Boston at the Royale before his set.

Q: How did you get into the music industry?

A: I’ve been into music my whole life. I got started probably like five or six years back, this is when I met Trevor Dahl, he’s in Cheat Codes and back in the day he was in this band called Plug In Stereo and we met on tour and him and I started recording music together. I was actually playing keys and guitar for this girl named Macy Kate and we were on tour together and Trevor started recording my music so I’d fly out to L.A. and record music with him. Long story short I moved in with him and we started doing music full time and everything has been going steady since then.

Q: You’ve played different kinds of music so how did you get yourself into the DJ/electronic music scene?

A: I started doing singer/songwriter stuff back in the day. I did a lot more acoustic and singing and at the same time I was a big fan of the dance music so I would go to all the DJ shows in town, my brother got me into it when I was young, so I was always interested in it but for some reason I felt like I shouldn’t be making it and one day I kind of made the realization like why am I not just making what I’m passionate about. So I changed things up and I started not following as many rules and found my own little niche.

Q: Do you think you’ll keep playing electronic music or do you think you’ll do other kinds of music again?

A: Definitely stay in electronic music, I think moving forward my brother and I want to move towards more of a live performance electronic aspect where everything we’re doing is sequenced live, right now we’re getting there and I’d said we are probably like 70% there but I want the show to be completely live with crazy transitions and stopping and stuff like that. So ya electronic music, dance music yes, but not necessarily DJ/club.

Q: Who inspires your music?

A: So many people. Most recently I’d say like Drake has always had a big influence,.DJ Snake has had a big influence, like all kinds of electronic dance music. A lot of people, I guess. I try to keep it updated with Spotify and Soundcloud and look for fresh material.

Q: You just hit 300 million streams on Spotify for your song “I Know You Know” what was that like for you?

A: It was funny because on that remix we did together I don’t think any of us expected like how well it was going to do so we put it out and we were like “Oh yeah, that’s a cool remix, it would be cool if it did better than the original.” Then it kind of took off, I guess. First in Europe, and then everywhere else. It was definitely surprising and obviously exciting, like that was my first plaque.

Q: What’s your favorite song to perform?

A: Most recently I’ve been performing this song called “Warning Sign,” which I’m actually putting the song out in a couple of months and it’s going to be my upcoming single. I basically just tease it in the live show so I have more original content. We also do this version of “I Know You Know,” and we put it over the top of this other dance record and it adds a lot more energy.

Q: There are a lot of DJ’s around today. What’s the biggest challenge to being unique and trying to stand out?

A: The biggest challenge in general is setting yourself apart. Personally I think the best way to do it is to have your own music style is important. I think a lot of people now a days are imitating the best, which obviously makes sense and it’s a smart business move. There are so many guys out there Djing like you know we can’t just step up on stage and be another one of those DJ’s or else we’re not going to stick out so I put a lot of thought into that and try to make sure that our set feels very original and unique and I think it’s important that are appearance like how we dress and all that stuff, it all matters because there’s a lot of competition.

Q: Who is your favorite DJ?

A: I love DJ Snake, there’s so many. There’s this DJ called Mark Knight, he’s more underground like house music. I really like David Guetta.

Q: What’s it like getting to perform with Cheat Codes?

A: Performing with those guys is an incredible experience, they’re always super fun to hang out with. Trevor, Matt and I are really super close, Kevin’s awesome. It’s just a good experience all around. They’re all super nice and fun to party with.

Q: What’s the most memorable moment on this tour?

A: Most recently, I would say the after partying with the boys. Cheat Codes, D.A. and I always find something fun to do afterwards. We went to Hawaii and we had an absolute blast and we were partying together and going to the beach together, that was probably the best experience on this tour.

Q: As the year winds down and comes to an end, what do you hope to accomplish before 2018?

A: I want to close out this year with a big New Years Eve show. I’ve been pestering my agents about getting the NYE date. Aside from that, I want to make sure I’m preparing a lot of original music for 2018. 

Make sure to check out Cade’s music on iTunes and Spotify and follow him on Instagram @cademusic.

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