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The Walking Dead season 8 premiere review

Season 8 of The Walking Dead kicked off this Sunday and it left us wanting to know more in both a good and bad way. For this to be the show’s 100th episode, it felt a little underwhelming. The episode had a few hidden nostalgic Easter eggs that reminded long-time viewers of earlier seasons.


(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)


It was great to see Rick, Ezekiel and Maggie all together and successfully plan out and attack Negan’s camp within the first episode. This really got the ball rolling and dove right into the, “All Out War” comic-book storyline. It was refreshing to skip seeing the group preparing for the war and be able to kick off the season opener with the action and anticipation right away. There were some things that did not make sense in the episode. The main points viewers picked up on were: the fact that Rick’s group seemed to have plenty of ammunition and fire-power even though they gave half of their weapons to the “trash people” who double-crossed them in the Season 7 finale. Also, that Negan seemed to know nothing that was going on this episode, although it was interesting to watch, viewers are getting bored of not being able to empathize or see Negan in any other way beside being a fearless, bat-wielding, killing machine.


The questions fans hope to have answered throughout the rest of this season are: are we going to see more flash-forwards of Rick, Michonne, and Carl in a universe that seems to be Negan-free? Are we ever going to see a backstory with Negan and learn why he is the way he is? And lastly in a different flash-forward, why did Rick have bloodshot eyes and look like he was about to burst into tears? Only time will tell I guess…


In a two-hour Talking Dead recap with the entire cast, Scott M. Gimple, main writer for The Walking Dead, confirmed that the Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead cross-over will be happening in 2018. He did not confirm when we will see it. For now, he warns viewers to: “strap seat-belts to their couches” because the first four episodes of this season are told to have many deaths, plenty of action, and surprises!


The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m.

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