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Uber Is Taking All My Money

The semester is creeping closer and closer, and as it is, my bank account is getting closer and closer to $0. Why? Uber. Sure, we can all agree the creation of car services like Lyft and Uber have created a more affordable way to get around instead of taking a taxi, but why Uber when you can subway?

MBTA once offered late night subway services that were a life-saver. This would surely saved students a few $100 each semester instead of struggling to work hours on end to pay for books, food, and clothes. The little social life we have and our night life funds are being eaten by car services. Stumbling home from our late night affairs in a $20 Uber doesn’t make our hangover recaps the next morning seem any better.

Leaving the parties early makes people seem strange and anti-social, when in reality, we are trying to make that last train home because we are just too broke to spend more money on another Uber. Although the majority of areas in Boston are within walking distance, with winter coming (Haha Game of Thrones), no one wants to be sliding down Beacon Hill in their brand new heels at 2AM.

The late-night subway services were initially launched in 2014, and costed the MBTA $14.4 million. The services were ultimately stopped in March of 2016 due to the steep cost. If the MBTA is able to get enough companies on board to fund the late night service again, Boston residents could be feeling a little more money in their pockets in the near future.

In addition to the mere idea of late-night service subway revival, MBTA has thrown a few ideas on the table regarding the times the T would be running. The company is considering doing an early service that would extend into normal daytime hours beginning at 1AM. Another suggestion is offering busses and other vehicles instead of trains. The real questions is: where will these transport people? Will this late-night service be exclusively offered on weekends, or will our Monday-Friday early-bird workers be able to experience the luxury as well? Are they doing fixed routes that are already established, or will they be alternate routes that are created through popularity? Everything seems to be up in the air for the MBTA as of right now, but we can all expect to hear more about the issue in the coming months.

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