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50 Years of Venture

Since 1968, Venture has been Suffolk University’s annual student run literary/arts magazine. Found within the pages are poetry, short stories, sketches, photography, and more written, drawn, and shot by Suffolk students. Venture was originally formed out of the expansion of the College of Arts and Sciences school and the separation of the Law and CAS libraries.

This year Venture celebrates its 50th anniversary. In honor of the celebration, I sat down with Venture Editor-in-Chief, Sofia Ohrynowicz.

Suffolk Voice: What can we expect to see from Venture this year?

Sofia Ohrynowicz: “What I expect this year for the magazine is to get a wide diversity of students applying, and being able to publish different students from different walks of life and different majors. I really want to showcase how […] far the school has come within the last fifty years, and to really just show off the kind of students that go here now as opposed to the ones fifty years ago. […] We definitely have a lot more international students I believe, and just many other people who wouldn’t have the chance back then that can now.”

SV: What does the name Venture mean to you? What was the inspiration?

SO: “It’s really cool because I got to read a bunch of editor’s notes in each issue when I was putting together the exhibit and some people, they went on to say Venture is to go forth bravely against all odds, and I just, I really liked how she ended her editor’s note with: Do you dare to Venture? And I’m trying to bring that back […] Do you dare to have your voice be heard? Do you dare to express your opinions? And everyone should because this is a safe place to do it.”

SV: What should anyone thinking about contributing work need to know?

SO: “We have documents on the SU Connect page that people need to review, as in our submission guidelines, and we also have an art and literature release form so people can actually give us permission to publish their work, and that’s a really important thing that has to be turned in. So that’s just the nitty-gritty of it, but as far as submitting, I just want people to know that they’re [submissions] open right now. If people have any questions, they should feel free to contact us. And definitely look on our Facebook page because what we’re going to start this year is weekly prompts for every genre, not just writing but also something to do with art. The one thing that comes to mind is photography, that we can suggest “oh go out and take a photo of a footprint and then take it in several different shots,” or something like that. We really want to cater towards all kinds of art making. We’re really going to be pushing to help out students this year.”

SV: What’s it like being part of a literary/ arts magazine that has run for 50 years?

SO: “Honestly, it gives me a lot more pride to be part of the magazine knowing it’s had so much history and it’s survived so long. There have been a few other magazines on campus that just didn’t survive. There were several others and some of them were really cool, but for whatever reason they didn’t continue. It’s just … There are no words for it. I’m really excited that this is the 50th year. Sometimes the group feels almost a little too casual, and just knowing the history behind it brings a lot more pride and a lot more unity that we’re part of something bigger than we realized.”

SV: Any plans to make the 50th year special?

SO: “Those plans are coming on more of a rolling basis. I know that I want the launch party to be sixties and seventies themed because it started in 1967/68. I plan to do a re-release of the first copy’s cover in an update version for the next cover of Venture. And really just keeping in the new stuff that was added last year, such as social media, manager position, and the open-mics that this year will be themed. I also want to try for the launch party to get some of the original E-board to come. I know at least one of them, Gregory Wayland, he’s retired, he became this newscaster and is pretty well known so I thought if I could reach him and get him to come to the party, that would be huge, just to show him how far the school has come.”

SV: This may be off-limits, because it usually doesn’t get released until later, but do you have any ideas about this year’s theme?

SO: “Oh, yeah. As I’ve said, I really want it to be diverse, and I really don’t think there’s going to be a centralized theme because of that. I just want it to be a culmination of voices that were organized into one publication. So we have maybe one person who’s a poet talking about this one experience they had growing up in Guatemala for example, and another student talking about how they got into martial arts. I just want it to be very diverse.”

SV: Is there anything that you want people to know about Venture that you feel hasn’t yet been communicated?

SO: “Yes. I would really like people to know that if they have anything they want to submit, submit it. Because if you have something that’s cross-genre or you have a comic strip that you really want published, […] we’ll probably publish it. Send it in, take the chance. We want to see what the student body has to offer, and anything people have they should send it in.”

To have your work featured in the publication, email by February 11, 2018 with your attached art. To get involved in Venture’s editing team, meetings are held Thursdays during activities period in Sawyer 921. Themed open mics are held monthly in the Poetry Center and there is currently an exhibit in the Sawyer Library Commons.

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